Drawing Challenge #1 FINISHED! + bonus drawing!

Entries 1 - 9 were drawn at my desk as they were received in the comments section. Entries 10 & 11 came in after I had left work for the day, so I drew them the next morning when I got to work. I worked as quickly as possible, didn't allow myself do-overs, and tried to keep them simple. Here are the sketches, I had a blast doing them. I'll do #10 tomorrow between my 2nd and 3rd cups of coffee. All of the drawings are now finished! Time for that 3rd cup of coffee!

#1 - "Platypus saving a baby from a burning building." -Sylvia

#2 - "Makin' the weather with a low light bulb" -Kevin

#3 - "metalhead baseball player astronaut shopping for porn dvds." -Ryan N.

#4 - "a penguin trying out to become a ghostbuster." - Joseph

#5 - "A robot becoming the news anchor of the century, during the biggest blizzard ever." -Jen

#6 - "Alexander waited patiently at the bus stop, wondering what his mother had packed for lunch." - Sam

A mobster using a lobster as his tommy gun. Or a lobster using a mobster as his tommy gun. Or Maybe just a lobster dressed as a mobster using a tommy gun. It would be a shame not to draw the tommy gun." - Karl

#8 - "A Hedgehog versus an icecream cone in a battle of wits" - Heather

#9 - "A zombie giving birth to a robot." - Ryan C.

#10 - "Bag guy shopping for designer bags." - Allan

*BONUS* #11 - "dammit, I'm eleven..." - Nnekay

One more to go, All done! Thank you for participating. Please voice your opinion on your favorite sketch in the comments below!

...I'll probably do another one of these in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. It was a fun exercise!


  1. Fucking penguin!!! AHHHH I'm in love.

  2. Adam, not only was my eleventh post a statement about placement, it was also an entry. I truly think your best work will be spawned from, "Dammit, I'm eleven..."

  3. Wow... I never knew you were talented... at all.

  4. I like number 5. Also, is that white iocaine powder in number 8? This blog is great, I'm going to make my blog friends with yours.

  5. I don't have a pithy comment to add, but, niiiice.

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  7. Lobster mobster is sick. Amazing. Teh win.

  8. They are all winners in my eyes! Maybe everyone should get a painting..huh huh...nudge nudge.

  9. YES! Adam, you're awesome!!!
    Of course I think 11, is the best... buuuuut if i had to pick another, the penguin is pretty damn adorable.

  10. my first fave was the penguin, but i really like the bag guy/designer bag one too!

  11. if mine wins, i will greatly consider getting it tattooed on me. booyah!

  12. BAG GUY!!!!!

    I really like #3.

  13. Holy god, the zombie birthing the robot was hilarious, as was the penguin.

  14. I vote for Ron til dawn's vote as the best. Basically cause I want to see you paint his comment, though. Also, Alexander's mom might be a whore... just sayin, she seems kind of whore-y. Alexander should get school lunch. And counseling.