PUNK ROCK ART!! revisited

 I made this flyer for an upcoming show for one of my favorite local bands, Royalty. They don't play that much, so I was pretty excited to hear they were going to be playing, even if its at a 21+ bar in my old 'hood. Originally I laid out all the text in type, then decided it didn't fit and didn't look right. I scribbled out the text with a Sharpie and decided that looked right to me!
Oh, and I'm going to be playing the show too. I started a band last week on Tuesday, recorded the band on Wednesday, and now we're playing a show next week. How about that? It doesn't really sound like my previous bands. Check it out: GNARBOOTS!

The grim reaper on the dead horse is supposed to look like an iconic brand name symbol. The first person to recognize the logo and email me with the correct answer wins the original art*! We have a winner! Good job, Katherine HamiltonAndrea Januta! (it's sharpie, 8.5" x 11" on a transparent plastic sheet, for those of you who were curious).

*Band dudes and my wife are disqualified.

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