Music Monday - Jonesin' / The Dream Is Dead

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I ordered this 7" a few months back when I was ordering a Joyce Manor/Summer Vacation split 7", for the sole reason that I thought the cover art was cool. The art is by Lubrano of Righteous Indignation (he also lends guest vocals on this record, and has his own band called Iron Chic who I'll post soon...) You don't see a lot of punk bands with gruff vocals using illustrations for their covers, especially not fun bright cartoony art. Usually, cover art for releases that sound like this use some old grainy photograph that's been rendered unrecognizeable by photocopying (or an approximation in photoshop) with some minimal text. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that approach, but it's refreshing to see a non-wacky band trying something different.

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