Music Monday - ††† (Crosses) / EP †

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This is a project featuring Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (FAR). The first time I saw the Deftones was in 1993 at the Playhouse theater in Morgan Hill. Salmon, who were the local draw, played main support. After they played, the venue emptied out, and there were probably only about 20 people there to see the Deftones. They were totally amazing, and the few people that decided to stick around went bananas. I had bummed enough money off of my friends and random people at the show to buy a demo tape and a t-shirt. I remember handing their merch girl handfuls of pennies I had begged from my friend's car ashtrays. After the show, Chino snapped my friend's Jay's skateboard in the parking lot trying to land some trick. I actually missed the first time FAR came through town, because I was grounded for sneaking off to a Skankin' Pickle show. My friends had picked up a copy of their demo tape, and we listened to it a ton.

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