GET IN THE MINIVAN mini-tour, come buy some art

As someone who used to tour quite a bit, I don't like to throw the term "tour" around lightly. I feel like if you aren't out on the road for over a month, and you don't leave your state/time zone, it's not a tour. However, six shows in four days with one band from out of state, I can at least call that a mini-tour.

Gnarboots played last weekend with the Minibosses out in Tempe, AZ. It was insane. I have never been so sore, hoarse and sweaty after a show. If that show was any indication of what this mini-tour is going to be like, I'm gonna be wrecked.

I've had some screen printed posters made, and I will be selling them at the upcoming shows. I'll also bring along some original pieces of art to sell!

Here are the dates! I hope you can make it!

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