& the winner is...

#4 - "a penguin trying out to become a ghostbuster." - property of Joseph Edwards (12" x 24")
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Here is the painting that resulted from Drawing Challenge #1! A big thank you to everyone who participated, and if you would like the actual drawing, send me your address (or just grab it from me the next time I see you).



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While ordering supplies, fixing computers, answering phones and answering ridiculous questions at work today, I still found time to draw this. How silly is that robot? You ain't got no brain, robot!! Those zombies can't hurt you! Ozzy zombie needs to chill out... where yo' legs at!?!?
I have three new paintings almost done, posting those soon, along with another month of the ol' 'skine and other odds & ends. Check back real soon!

P.S.- Would you like me to send you this drawing? Paypal $5 to xadamdx@hotmail.com and I'll send you this drawing, a two-page handwritten letter and a personal mix CD. first come, first serve...