Music Monday - Cerce // leer split

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Here's the split I mentioned a couple of weeks back. It's really good.


Image Comic Expo - Friday

My friend Gil clued me into that Image Comics was putting on a comic convention over in Oakland this weekend a few weeks back. He already had a table, but his partner wasn't coming out Friday. I took the opportunity today to try my hand at hanging out in Artist Alley.

I was woefully unprepared for the convention. First off, I've only ever drawn one comic, and it's completely out of date at this point. I sold all of my paintings at ROCKAGE, and I ran out of business cards at the Alameda Holiday Craft Fair. I keep meaning to order more business cards from MOO.com, but other things keep getting int he way. Plus, I want my next batch to be spectacular. They make a really great product, with a lot of different variations, so making sure I get the right thing is a little daunting.

For the convention, I decided to go lo-fi: I've had these small bristol boards lying around for a while, and I decided I would do quick illustrations on one side. The other side has my contact information. I figured while I might not hand out as many of these as I could with actual business cards, they might be a little more special to the people who take them.

 I forgot to take pictures of all of them, but I did remember to take a few:

Unfortunately, I won't have a spot to sell art tomorrow (unless someone doesn't show up, and someone pulls some strings...) but I'll definitely have a table there next year. If I do make it tomorrow, I'll be sure to draw lots and lots of zombies: Image Comics publishes the Walking Dead.



Music Monday - Tigga T / Fundamentals Mixtape

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San Jose, Shark City.


Gamechanger - PRINTS!

I made some prints out of my Gamechanger images, in hopes that I could sell some at ROCKAGE. I still have a bunch left over, please take them off my hands! Hand numbered and signed, limited to fifteen each!

Gamechanger - Legend of Zelda x Skyrim - $10 (+$3 shipping)

Gamechanger - Super Mario Bros x Portal - $20 (+$3 shipping)


Happy Valentine's Day

This commission was a little weird: I painted this for my ex-girlfriend Liz to give to her husband on Valentine's Day. This might seem real weird from an outside perspective, but it didn't feel weird to paint it. Honestly, I like them both a lot, and I think this turned out really cute, so I hope he liked it. I like doing commissions like this, where I'm not just drawing more robots and dinosaurs.

I've included the original sketch, which I think is a little better. One of these days, I'll be able to capture the initial energy from these sketches in my final paintings.


SOLD - "There There"

"There There" - 8" x 8" - $50



SOLD - "Hello Little Friend"

"Hello Little Friend" - 6" x 6" - SOLD
I painted this last week to sell at ROCKAGE, and sold it before I had a chance to post it.

Music Monday - Cerce / Teen Bible

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Cerce has a split coming out soon with Leer, on Phat n' Phunky. Here's the teaser video:


Gamechanger - Super Mario X Portal

Dead Baphomet

I felt like the first Baphomet illustration I did looked too robust, I wanted something that looked deader. So, I redrew it. I wound up using both of the illustrations for this flyer. This is going to be a killer show, if you are in the area you should attend, and not just because I'm playing.


Arrrr! Pirates!


Here's a close up of the pirates I drew for the pirate map I did a little while back. They were so small on the poster, I thought I would re-post them here. I really like the way the lens on the spy glass came out.

ROCKAGE festival - San Jose

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This coming weekend (11th & 12th) I will be selling art, playing video games and performing with GNARBOOTS at the Rockage festival in San Jose. It's $20 for a two-day pass, there will be a ton of live bands, chip tune artists, and other weirdness.

I created the logo for it.


Music Monday - Megan & Amelia / Our First (Demo II)(Listen With Headphones)

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Real quiet songs. I seem to either like really loud songs, or really quiet songs. or electronic stuff. or ska.


Happy Birthday to Me!

I turn 35 years old today. David Choe is the same age (I dont think he has the same birthday as me...), and he just made $200 million dollars on stock he earned from painting Facebook HQ a few years back. Maybe he will see this and buy me a sandwich, or a skateboard. I decided to do a little drawing for myself this morning while watching my son, so here's a warm-up sketch of Cerebus riding a skateboard!


Your Friday Awesome - Primary 7" now available!

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I have a lot of dumb ideas, and lately I've been actually making most of them into reality. I always thought it would be fun to re-interpret the LDS Sunday school songs I grew up singing into punk rock songs. I mean, there's Christian Hardcore, Krishnacore, Taqwacore... why not Mormon Hardcore (or CTR Hardcore, as I like to think of it)? Primary was the name of the Sunday school class the little kids were put into. Singing these songs was my first introduction to music, something that has become a huge part of my life. There's now a 7" available from Asian Man Records of Primary, and I believe some of them are pressed on gold vinyl!

Here's a sample of what it sounds like:


Flyer - 03.24.2012

"As Above, So Below"

How stoked am I to get to play a show with Joyce Manor and Classics of Love at Bottom of the Hill?