Music Monday - Mike Park / Smile

(click to download)
Mike Park put up his children's album (and a few of his other albums) for free download. I did the art for this release, and if you have a kid this is a lot less irritating to listen to than every other children's record. The guys from Hard Girls played as his backing band on this. It's really good.



I know it's 9 months away (to the day), but here's the initial flyer for Rockage3.0. Think of it this way, if you get pregnant TODAY you will have a baby at this concert!

California Extreme 2013 - Rockage Showcase

I used to love going to arcades as a kid, especially if that arcade had the sit-down vector graphic Star Wars. This event turns the Santa Clara Hyatt into a GIANT video game arcade, with all your favorite games from yesteryear set on FREE PLAY! Gnarboots has played it two years running, looking forward to playing it (and some games) again.


Meet Perry The Pyramid! The new mascot for United States currency!

...Not really. While listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me today, one of their fake stories sparked my imagination, and I needed to make Perry a reality.