Destroy Nate Allen - Bertie Saves Cat

Destroy Nate Allen gave me the opportunity to redo the Robot Saves Kitten shirt I did for them a while ago. This has Bertie from the flyer series I did, and a chubby little cat rather than kittens.


Destroy Nate Allen - With Our Powers Combined Shirt

Here's a shirt design based on the layout of the new album. I think the halftone comic book design transfers nicely to a black & white shirt design. This is one of the only t-shirt designs I've done recently that I didn't hide my signature in, mainly because I thought it would distract from the design.


Destroy Nate Allen - Vegetables Shirt

Nate and Tessa have this song about needing to eat more vegetables, and not drinking so much coffee. This is not a song topic that I agree with (sure, eat more vegetables, but drink a butt-load of coffee too. mmmm, a butt loaded with coffee...) but it was still a fun illustration to do.
I basically ripped off the cover of Fantastic Four #1 for this. It ties in nicely with the comic book theme I gave the layout of their new record.


Music Monday - Destroy Nate Allen featuring Gnarboots / With Our Powers Combined

(Click to Download)
In addition to playing guitar and contributing some group vocals to this recording, I also designed the art for the CD.

I've also created a few new t-shirt designs for them that you can pick up on their upcoming tour, and I'll be posting those over the next few days.

I'm also painting some robots as perks from their kickstarter campaign, I'll be posting those as soon as I paint them.

Basically, Destroy Nate Allen employ me to do a lot of art! Thanks Destroy Nate Allen!


Music Monday - Wild Moth / s/t

(click to download)
These guys put out a recording a while back that sounded like ca-ca. You could hear that they had good songs, but the recording sounded real bad. I was really happy to see they put out a proper recording. Now I just need to go check them out live.