Drawing Challenge #3 / ...and the winner is...

"A ballerina sloth!!" - Allison Voss

I meant to paint this a while ago but kept forgetting to do it. I did paint it in one evening though. I giggled to myself the whole time I was painting it, just like I did when I was originally drawing it. I painted it on a wood panel that used to be part of a coffee table, which apparently on Etsy they call upcycling? That's a ridiculous term.


Music Monday - Gnarboots / SLOGANS

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Time for a little shameless self-promotion: I'm in this "band" called "G.N.A.R.B.O.O.T.S". We put out a "collection" of "songs" we are referring to as "S.L.O.G.A.N.S". Currently, it's an "EP", but other songs will "soon" be "included". All of these "songs" will be "free" to download "here", unless they are not, in which case the internet is a frickin' liar.  


Painting for Sale - Purple Dinosaur

Purple Dinosaur - 4" x 6" - $15

This little guy is so worried! His tummy is upset, or he forgot to put pants on this morning...
Interested in buying this? Email me at xadamdx@gmail.com


Painting for Sale - Robot, Pondering

Robot, Pondering - 4" x 6" - $15
What's he thinking about?
Interested in buying this? Email me at xadamdx@gmail.com


Music Monday - wallpaper. / Misctape Vol. 1 2007-2009

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Ricky Reed (aka Eric Frederic) & Arjun Singh (aka dude I play video games with) made you a mixtape. They put some dope jams on it to try to break you out of the bad mood you've been in. They want to make you dance, and they are sad you haven't pushed it into your earholes yet. PUSH THIS INTO YOUR EARHOLES!!!


Dudes I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Josh Ellingson

(Click on Josh to see a bunch of his awesome art)

I met Josh at the RoboGames Benefit art show last year. His art was definitely my favorite art at the show, and I was stoked that he was there hanging out. His art looked so clean and minimal while still maintaining a lot of energy and detail.  He also wasn't too embarrassed to hang out with me the second day when I wore my robot costume. In fact, I think Josh is going to build his own robot costume this year, which will undoubtedly be a lot crazier than mine.
Recently, Josh has been posting a set of YouTube Animal Meme drawings that you should check out. He has also done the 15 year anniversary poster for Laughing Squid, some really cool art that is up in some of the BART stations, and this painting, which someone should buy for me.


Painting for Sale - Robot Meets Cat

Robot Meets Cat - 4" x 6" -$25

I finished up a couple of little paintings last night. I'll post the other two up tomorrow. Check back soon, Thanks!
Interested in buying this? Email me at xadamdx@gmail.com


Music Monday - Chotto Ghetto / Walk Is Godlike

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Great dudes, great live band, great album, great price! For the low low price of free dollars, you get eight awesome songs from Chotto Ghetto. This album hints at the sounds of Glassjaw and Mr. Bungle without sounding like a knock-off. It's good! It's free! Go listen to it!
If you like this, there's a free live record at Phat N' Phunky, and there's a split EP with Stab City. I recommend getting both because they is freeeee.


Flyer - 09.18.2010

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I met Aram from Stunt Monkey at the Warped Tour in '99 and thought he was one of the most genuinely funny dudes I have ever met. Literally everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious, and no one else involved in the conversation could hold a candle to his level of wit.  Based on that conversation alone, I jumped at the opportunity to do this flyer. Also, I knew exactly what I wanted to draw for it, as this is based on the cover of one of their albums:



Yesterday I had someone ask if they could "poach" one of the images from my 100 ROBOTS project for a community skate park event flyer. I thought that it was pretty awesome that they had thought to ask rather than just jacking the image, so I said they could do that if they were in a hurry, but if they could wait about an hour I could just draw something up for them to use. Drawing robots (as opposed to painting them) takes me no time at all, and I think skateboarding is a great activity (even though I'm absolutely terrible at it). Plus, I've seen "The Search for Animal Chin" over 100 times.
So here he is, in all his glory, the GROMINATOR!

KIDS: He's not wearing any pads or a helmet because he's a frickin' robot. The worse that will happen to him if he slams is that he'll have to go to the repair shop to get the dents hammered out. You'll end up in the hospital with a fractured skull! Also, he's a drawing. Wear your dang helmet and pads, junior! Now, give me back my cane! Where are my dentures?!

Here's a video of the Groms in Hood River going huge:

Here's the flyer for the event if you live in Hood River:


Music Monday - Daylight / Sinking

(click to download the EP for free!)
I came across this a while ago on Punknews.org and gave it a listen, not expecting much. I was plesantly surprised, and have had this EP in rotation for the better part of a year. This is a really solid batch of songs that wound up being reissued on vinyl, which I bought, along with a t-shirt (see, giving away your music for free is profitable!) These dudes just finished up a tour that swung through the bay area, but I missed them (they wound up playing a house show in Dublin on a Monday night, and I am an old man).