Dudes I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Josh Ellingson

(Click on Josh to see a bunch of his awesome art)

I met Josh at the RoboGames Benefit art show last year. His art was definitely my favorite art at the show, and I was stoked that he was there hanging out. His art looked so clean and minimal while still maintaining a lot of energy and detail.  He also wasn't too embarrassed to hang out with me the second day when I wore my robot costume. In fact, I think Josh is going to build his own robot costume this year, which will undoubtedly be a lot crazier than mine.
Recently, Josh has been posting a set of YouTube Animal Meme drawings that you should check out. He has also done the 15 year anniversary poster for Laughing Squid, some really cool art that is up in some of the BART stations, and this painting, which someone should buy for me.

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