Flyer - 08.13.2011

Rather than doing the usual draw-something-scan-it-color-it-in-photoshop deal, I opted to do something simple: Print out the information using MSWord and draw directly on the flyer with a felt tip pen. This was my third attempt, the first two had skulls. I wanted to do an illustration where I could play with the line weight, and just build the image as I went rather than trying to plan it out. I also wanted to draw something really gross.


Flashback - Potato and a Taco

"Potato and a Taco" -  24" x  24"

I painted this as a secret santa present for Steven Heet when we were in a band together called DESA. It's a stupid inside joke based around the way that band dudes speak drum parts to each other. "Dookum Flakkum" being my most generally used one, "pea soup" sounding like a hi-hat closing, "bucketah fish" sounding like a drum fill ending with a cymbal crash, etc. "Potato and a Taco" was drum-speak for the beginning of our song "Breakneck", off our final EP "Revenge Body".
Last I heard Steven has this hanging in his kitchen, which probably causes a lot of concern about any meals he offers guests.


Flyer - 08.16.2011 & 08.17.2011

This is a little different from my usual flyers, but: 1) I needed to get it done fast 2) I was in the middle of taking care of my less-than-a-month-old son, and 3) I had already done a flyer for BTMI last year (around the same time of year, actually) and I didn't want to re-use that image. iTunes is basically the new dominant "label" in the music industry, so I thought a play on their logo would be fun.
Here's the opposite flyer. I don't really like the color scheme as much, but I was trying to work FAST:


Music Monday / 100% - EP

(click to download)
Here's a release from a brand new band that sounds like it could have been released in 1993, which means, duh, I like it a lot. My friend Ryan plays bass in this band. This band sounds a lot like Sonic Youth to me (when Sonic Youth actually plays songs). I guess what I'm trying to say is Ryan plays bass like a girl.


Drawing Challenge #5 - 10/10

"Ralph, Lizzie and George from Rampage are denied admittance to Fairyland."- Andrew Juncker

Drawing Challenge #5 - 9/10

"A ninja fighting a giant squid" - Alison Voss

Drawing Challenge #5 - 8/10

"Shortround hungrily scooping out a spoonful of brain from La-Z-Boy-reclined Dr. Zaius while watching Wheel-of-Fish yelling,'You're so stupid!'" - Blaine Ballard

Drawing Challenge #5 - 7/10

"Bigfoot and catfish.. Best friends!!!" - Dan Potthast


Drawing Challenge #5 - 6/10

"I'd quite like to see the biggest cat EVER!!"- Jonathan Jefferies

Drawing Challenge #5 - 5/10

"The loneliest man on Earth recreating his rendition of "The Monster Mash" using only what's lying around in his apartment." - Chris Walters

Drawing Challenge #5 - 4/10

"Excuse me Senor Chicken, is this how you dance the Cha-Cha-Cha?" - Nnekay FitzClarke


Drawing Challenge #5 - 3/10

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield." - Michael Kaiser

Drawing Challenge #5 - 2/10

"A peacock ruling the world." - Tony Hauber

Drawing Challenge #5 - 1/10

"An Octopus playing the guitar" - Joseph M. Edwards


Okay, I'm on Paternity leave for a few more days, so let's use some of this time to do this:


"I'm gonna poop on all these drawings! Sorry Dad, I go off." -Thomas

Here's the run-down in case you forgot: You come up with the ideas, I draw the first 10 that arrive in the comments below. Write one line that can be illustrated (example: stairmaster rules bummertown.)
Because I'm a dad now, RULES apply to this! You need to learn to follow rules, or you need to learn to follow the rules!!! Here's the rules:

  • Post one idea, as a comment, below. Not several ideas. Not either/or. Don't write it on Facebook, instant message it to me, or email it to me. Even if you post the best idea ever, but you do it wrong, your position is will not be drawn! Someone else will take your place. So, think carefully and chose your words wisely. 
  • Nothing too terribly gross, please. My son is in the room.
  • Please pick something I don't usually draw. This means no robots, dinosaurs, skulls, zombies.
As usual, I will draw and post all the entries. The one that I like the best I will turn into a painting, which will be given to the winning commenter FOR FREEE!

Ready... Set... GO! 
All ten comments are in, so thank you for posting! I've already finished the first two drawings and I will post them shortly...

Music Monday - Wugazi /13 Chambers

(click to download)
If you haven't heard this, or at least heard about this yet, welcome back from your desert island! Two of my old favorites (Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi) rolled into one by a new favorite (Cecil Otter, who's album "Rebel Yellow" is awesome). No longer do I have to listen to one or the other, I can now listen to both at once!