Punk Isn't Dead, It's Extinct: the 924 Gilman Card

Hey! If you're a card-carrying punker in the year 2012, there's a good chance you'll have one of these in your wallet. I created the art (or rather, recycled it from a flyer I made for the most recent show that Gnarboots played) for the new 924 Gilman card, though my signature isn't on it because "No Masters, No Artists"... right?
My prize for my art being chosen is one million punk points, which are all automatically voided by being over 30.
I hope you'll go see a show soon and put some of my art in your pocket!


SF Zine Fest 2012 - Sept 1 + 2

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I was interviewed by the nice folks running the SF Zine Festival this year, you can read it by clicking on the picture above. I'll be there selling my art and checking out what everyone else has been up to over the last year.

Here's a couple of my favorite vendors at the SF Zine Fest from years past:

  • Josh Ellingson - Rad illustrator and all-around great guy.
  • Jen Oaks - Another illustrator, she had a really cool set of Twin Peaks buttons for sale.
  • Karl Dotter - He likes toast. I mean, he really likes toast.
  • Gnartoons - I sat next to James last year. His comics are super weird.
  • Deth P Sun - His art is killer.