(L-R: titanium spork, scissors, water bottle I almost never use, red sharpie, whiteout, usb thumbdrive, tic tac box, claritin-D, post-it note pad, staple remover)


Music Monday - Matsuri / Endship

(click to download)
For years I thought that bands like this didn't exist anymore. Bands like Under A Dying Sun, Yaphet Kotto, Managra, and Pageninetynine. Sweating it out in basements, touring in beat-up windowless repurposed delivery vans, releasing 7" records with screenprinted covers and photocopied liners, assembled by hand by the band. I'm stoked to find that recently there's been a resurgence of these types of punk bands. Matsuri are a band made up of some of the dudes who put on shows/live at the Texas Toast House in San Jose. I'm pretty sure these dudes recorded this themselves, not because it sounds crappy (it doesn't) but because it really sounds like they were able to take their time with this to make it sound exactly like they wanted it to.

Sketchy #4 - Peelander Z Robot

 These are the original sketches from this flyer.


Your Friday Awesome: Ban Comic Sans

Do you use comic sans for anything other than preschool announcements? If so, please click on the above graphic for a special public service announcement.



Music Monday - Bomb The Music Industry / ADULTS!!!: SMART!!! SHITHAMMERED!!! AND EXCITED BY NOTHING!!!!!!!

(click to go to the download page)
I downloaded this back when Gnarboots played with Bomb The Music Industry, but never got around to listening to it in its entirety til last week. Really honest songwritting layered with equal helpings of 8-bit weirdness, 3rd wave ska and punk rock (if that doesn't make you not want to listen to this, I don't know what will, but trust me, this EP is killer). It reminds me of Pinkerton; it's self-depricating, noisy, clever, stupid, and catch. My favorite song is called "All Ages Shows".


Sketchy #3 - Fighting Jack(s)

(click on the sketch to see the completed illustration)
Through the magic of modern technology (photoshop), I sped up this particular project by only drawing this guy once! pow! and to think, I had actually started drawing the other Jack!


In their happy homes: My Android robot paintings!

(Click on Dan to see a bunch of people who work at Google holding my paintings!)

This arrived in my email yesterday, and I got a huge kick out of seeing where all these paintings I did are now living. Dan took a bunch of pictures of most of the people who received my paintings, and you can check them out by clicking on the above photo! Do it!

I painted these: Even more Android Robots


(oh hi)




(look both ways)






Flyer - 01.01.2011

I drew this last night while attending CGI-fest-2010 with my wife (we watched the new Clash of the Titans and 10,000 BC from the comfort of our couch, because they look rad on our giant television). The bassist in Children of the Information Age plays a blue stand-up bass.

I painted these: More Android Robots!

(i'm a'singin')


(i'm a'singin' too)

(i has balloon)


(up n' 'way)

(it's the future)





I painted these: Android Robots!

This is Chet. Chet works at Google. He works with Dan, who commissioned a series of robot paintings based on the Android robot from me to give to his co-workers for Christmas. Chet picked this sad little guy to hang out on his desk, in the hopes that they could cheer each other up!

I'll be posting up the whole series this week, here's the first five:

(i'm sad)

(i'm happy)

(i'm really happy)

(Ii'm jumpin')

(bye, goin' skatin')


Music Monday - P.O.S / Daytrotter Session

(click to go to download page, and read an interview)
This was my introduction to P.O.S., stumbling across it while looking to download the Mates of State session that was posted (which I think I maybe listened to once and deleted). Fun Fact: The first time I saw Mates of State was in my friend Ron's basement in Albany, and the last time I saw them was at a sold out show at Slim's... Which is also where I just caught Doomtree, the rap collective P.O.S is a part of, perform. My friend Rich was interviewing them for the Punknews Podcast (thanks for getting me in for free dude!), so I sat down next to him and pulled out my sketchbook. Someone asked me if I was going to draw them, so I decided to:
(L-R: P.O.S, Dessa, Lazerbeak, Cecil Otter... the robot was not actually there)
Anyhow, Check out this Daytrotter session. I've listened to them so much, I prefer them to the album versions of the songs. 


This week got busy and it's getting busier...

(drawn at my desk while waiting for Outlook to open)

So tomorrow I will start a third job as a sign painter at the Alameda Trader Joes. Two days ago, I signed on for some seasonal design work at Minted.com, and I've been heading there directly after my boring office job, where I am currently writing this. In between I've been trying to find time to feed myself, shower and sleep. So, the only art I have done has been on post-it notes.


Music Monday - Fall of Efrafa / Inle

(click to download)
Hailing from Brighton, England, Fall of Efrafa was the project of two buddies of mine: Steven MacCusker (formerly of Howards Alias, who put out a split with my old band DESA) and Alex Bradshaw (who I went to see the remake of Dawn of the Dead with on tour, and became quick friends with as a result). The whole concept was to complete a trilogy of records whose songs mirrored the themes of the novel Watership Down, and stop being a band when this was completed. This was the final record. The music is similar to Neurosis, most of it really heavy and slow. If you like this I suggest picking up the other two records since they are all basically one long piece of music.


Dudes I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Jake Parker

(Click on Missile Mouse, or Jake, to see some of his amazing art)
BoingBoing posted this comic a few months back, and led me to the world inhabited by the creations of Jake Parker! This guy really gives me something to aim for. His characters look like they have heft to them, like you could carry them off of the page with you.


Sketchy #2 - Pumpkinhead sketch

(click to see finished art)
Here's the original pumpkinhead illustration I did as it appeared in my sketchbook. Something about baghead/scarecrow-type horror monsters totally gives me the heebie jeebies... I finally got around to watching Night of the Scarecrow.


Your Friday Awesome: Co-op project!

Look what Stephanie Green and I made! Pretty excited to meet the final product...


Sketchy #1 - Mouse from 12.08.2010 flyer

(See finished art here)

I thought it would be fun to post some of the original sketches before I colored/retouched them in photoshop.  This little guys is way more bummed in the original drawing, probably because I hadn't incorporated the present he was receiving yet. Or he's just bummed to be homeless.