Music Monday - Matsuri / Endship

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For years I thought that bands like this didn't exist anymore. Bands like Under A Dying Sun, Yaphet Kotto, Managra, and Pageninetynine. Sweating it out in basements, touring in beat-up windowless repurposed delivery vans, releasing 7" records with screenprinted covers and photocopied liners, assembled by hand by the band. I'm stoked to find that recently there's been a resurgence of these types of punk bands. Matsuri are a band made up of some of the dudes who put on shows/live at the Texas Toast House in San Jose. I'm pretty sure these dudes recorded this themselves, not because it sounds crappy (it doesn't) but because it really sounds like they were able to take their time with this to make it sound exactly like they wanted it to.

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