Music Monday - Pastel Ghost / Dark Beach EP

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If you feel like listening to My Bloody Valentine, but you've decided you hate guitars, this is your solution. I like how deeply buried the vocals are in the mix.

Psycho Donuts - Psycho Robots Invade Earth art show

These paintings are up at Psycho Donuts for the Psycho Robots Invade Earth art show. They're priced pretty cheap ($40 a piece), so you should pay them a visit, pick up some donuts while you're at it, and visit the rad comic book shop nearby.

I used glow in the dark paint for some of the elements in these paintings, looks pretty cool!



Finished a couple of paintings for an upcoming show today and a commission, took a break to play some video games. I've been playing through The Last Of Us on a borrowed PS3 with my friend Kevin, and whenever we talk about playing the game, we call it STAB GUYS IN THE NECK. So, I took a second to use Photoshop to make this.


San Francisco Zine Fest 2012 - Jam Comics

It's always really inspiring being around all of the other artists at the San Francisco Zine Fest. I found these last night while digging through old illustrations, and thought it would be good to put them up online as a reminder that the coming year's Zine Fest is only TWO MONTHS AWAY! These are Jam Comics. Basically, I drew the first panel, and then handed one comic to my left, the other to the right. These are last year's results:

Comic 1

Comic 2

See you at San Francisco Zine Fest 2013!