Dinosaur on a Scooter

(Dinosaur on a Scooter - NFS - 10" x 10")

Over the weekend I painted this commission. I really wanted to try to paint something in a slightly different manner than I've been painting dinosaurs, so I decided to try painting it without any black lines. I have to say, I think this is the most "painted" looking painting I've ever done.
I also did a drawing (which I colored in photoshop) to lay the whole thing out before I broke out the paints:

This is the original sketch from my sketchbook:

Music Monday - Metroid Metal / Expansion Pack

(Click to Download)
I'm a huge nerd.


I Drew this: Destroy Nate Allen - Robot Saves Kittens

I also drew this for Destroy Nate Allen. I was given a color scheme and a general vibe, and given free reign to draw whatever. So, of course, I drew a robot.


I Drew This: Destroy Nate Allen - School House Rock

Destroy Nate Allen hit me up for a few merch designs for their upcoming summer tour. They're printing some of it themselves, DIY-style, and this is the simple design they'll be using for that. They wanted something similar to the old Schoolhouse Rock art, so here's what I came up with!

Music Monday - Sneeze / Grandma In The Trenches

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Apparently there is a "Grunge" revival. Huh. Two weeks ago I heard Yuck for the first time, and now this. I guess I'm okay with that since these bands seem to be leaning toward sounding more like Dinosaur Jr. than Blind Melon. Anyhow, if I didn't already feel old, bands making music that sounds like music I heard in high school really makes me feel old.
This release is also available as a 7" if you really dig it.


Music Monday - Iron Chic / Not Like This

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 Someone needs to introduce me to Lubrano. We totally have to have friends in common, and I like his art and the music he makes. "Black Friday" is my favorite jam off of this thing. I was listening to it the last night (which was a friday) that I worked at Trader Joe's.


I Drew This: Mike Park - SMILE

Mike Park is putting out a Children's Album on August 9th. I did the illustrations for the cover (and the back cover...  I'll probably post that later along with some process drawings) and Leslie Hampton did an amazing job completing the layout. She really made it look like a proper "Little Golden Book"!


Music Monday - Death Grips / Exmilitary

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All I know about this is that Zach Hill from Hella is involved in this. Everyone is losing their minds over this record online, which initally made it hard to hear through all the hype. I like this though, it's really gross/violent sounding.


100 DINOSAURS - I Was Framed!

Hit up Sylvia over at City Picture Frames if you want to get the dinosaur YOU found framed! It's not free, but as a fellow dinosaur hunter she should be able to give you a discount!

Flyer - 05.09.2011

I made this quick flyer for fellow Gnarboot Bob. He and his wife have been DJ-ing a little dance party in Downtown SJ. You should go!


Music Monday - Laura Stevenson & the Cans / Sit Resist

(Click to Download, at least for the next month!)
Last summer Gnarboots played a backyard BBQ show in San Jose with Laura Stevenson & the Cans. Two bands couldn't be more polar opposite. While Gnarboots is sloppy, loud and obnoxious, Laura Stevenson & the Cans are precise, subdued and enthralling to watch live. Laura is super good at finger picking her guitar (and no, not "for a girl") while singing. I remember them playing "8:08" at the BBQ under the night sky while airplanes flew in low overhead on their way to the airport.