This weekend I participated in my first art show at an actual gallery. There was wine, cheese, beer, tiny robots running into walls, other robots that were scared of the light hiding under tables, and art hanging on white walls. The first night I just kind of stood around and watched people look at the art. 20 of the robots from the 100 ROBOTS project were hanging along one wall, and people were playing a game trying to guess each other's favorite robot. The second night I wore my robot costume from halloween.
I forgot to bring my camera, but luckily Doctor Popular and Evan Ackerman took some pictures which I stole from their websites. Switching gears from doing tiny paintings to two larger paintings on canvases was pretty weird. I had originally wanted to do three paintings, all with zombies in them, but I ran out of time. Painting a group of zombies takes some time! Here are the paintings that I did specifically for this show:

"When there's no room left in Hell, the robots will be lonely" - 24" x 24" - SOLD

This painting sold the first night, and let me tell you, selling a painting at a gallery to someone you don't know is a really great feeling.

"Winding Down" - 24" x 24" - $300

Not sure why this is cropped like this, but you get the idea. That's what I get for using photos from someone else's website. This painting is still for sale though the people who put on the show, I'll post a link as soon as I have it.
I had a great time, raised some money for something awesome, and got to see some cool art. Fun times!
"Painting sold = good feeling"


Halloween Costume = Robot Art

In case you missed it, I build a robot costume to wear for Halloween this year. This was the third time I had built a costume like this, and this one was by far the most elaborate. As Aaron Nagel would put it, "Lot's of bells and whistles and blinky blinkys." He would also say, "Neeeerd."

That hand is pointing at an animation I made in Adobe Flash that is a meter moving up and down, scrolling binary code and blinking green text. It's playing as a movie on my iPod. Next to that is a toy megaphone I pulled apart to use as a voice box for my robot. The mouthpiece kept falling down inside of the body, making the whole thing feed back and sound totally messed up awesome. It also lit up everytime I talked!

Robot hits the dance floor!!

Robot wants to booze it up!!

Robot wants to get you drunk!!

Now DANCE!! Dance Robot, Dance!!

Nooo Disco-ball lady!! You are 2 drunk!!

Cheetah Lady!! Robot must destroy genetic abnormality!!

Family Portrait!! Robot v1.0 and Robot v2.0!!

Definitely an exhausting costume to wear all night, but worth it to see everyone's reactions. Let me tell you, it's a pretty big deal to get a good reaction when this is the awesome group of people you have to keep up with:



100 ROBOTS - 040/100

Name: B3NJ1
Serial #: X320204AD77-00036
Function: Metallurgy

Serial #: X320204AD77-00037
Function: Hardware Replacement, Parts Recycling

Name: OU812
Serial #: X320204AD77-00038
Function: Fast Food Beverage Production

Name: 1D3AB0T
Serial #: X320204AD77-00039
Function: Logic, Reason and Outcome Processing

 Name: XTRMN80R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00040
Function: Posterior Kicking, Taking of Names


(((ART SHOW)))

I'll be showing a few of the 100 ROBOTS before they get shipped off to their homes and a few larger new paintings. If you're in the area, stop by! I'll be the tall guy.


100 ROBOTS - 035/100

Name: Dot Dot Dash
Serial #: X320204AD77-00031
Function: Pixel Organization, Fraction Reduction, Television Repair

Name: Martin
Serial #: X320204AD77-00032
Function:UFO Simulations, False Memory Generation

Name: KRBT-33
Serial #: X320204AD77-00033
Function: FM Transmissions

Name: Charlie Cooper The V
Serial #: X320204AD77-00034
Function: Observation and Reconnaissance

Name: RDRR
Serial #: X320204AD77-00035
Function: Multitasking


100 ROBOTS - 030/100

Name: BuddyBot 2600
Serial #: X320204AD77-00026
Function: Friendship Quality Inspection

Name: Ge0rge MGK
Serial #: X320204AD77-00027
Function: Prision Bot

Name: HU3Y
Serial #: X320204AD77-00028
Function: Illumination, Directions

Name: Trigger
Serial #: X320204AD77-00029
Function: Mobile Self Aware Landmine
Name: Lieutenant General
Serial #: X320204AD77-000
Function: Army Surplus, Logging and Storage


moleskine (April)

Due to the struggling economy, along with everyone copping my steeze, BART has been way more crowded than usual, leaving me with nowhere to sit when I ride the four stops to and from work. This is when I usually draw in my (new) moleskine, so I haven't made much progress since the last post. If you see me on BART in the morning or afternoon, you should treat me the same as pregnant ladies or the elderly  by giving me your seat. You can consider it "contributing to the arts".