Practice Penguin

I drew this as a bit of practice for a project I'm working on. Then I decided to color it and post it here!


Music Monday - Desert of Hiatus / Fences

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I don't know anything about this. I really like the way it sounds though.


For Sale: Hollowed Out Robot

"Hollowed Out Robot" - 5" x 7" - $10
I never got around to selling this guy somehow. I'd like to sell it off cheap, a little bit of spring cleaning! BUY IT!


100 DINOSAURS - CLUES #44 & #45


These were the clues I drew for recent dinohunts. I think the first two I've posted over there, but the last one, with the tyrannosaurus rex eating the Keith Haring man hasn't been posted before. I never really understood the big deal about Keith Haring's art until I watched a documentary about him recently.


Happy 1st Birthday Kaiden!

I was sent these photos a while back so that I could see how the poster I did for Kaiden's first birthday turned out. It's fun to see everyone's well-wishes written all over this. Hopefully this is something that Kaiden will enjoy looking at for years to come.

Looks like someone had an awesome first birthday! Happy birthday lil guy!


I Love Scolari's Good Eats

Scolaris - 6" x 12" - NFS
If you come to visit me or my family, chances are 9 times out of 10 if we go out to eat, we are going to Scolari's. It's a small spot nearby with a killer menu, and the genius of it is that even though they have limited seating, they are partnered with the bar next door, so you can have your food brought to you over there! I usually get the special burger of the day. I've ordered things besides the burger before, and its always good, but it always leaves me wishing I had gotten a burger. I decided over Christmas break that I wanted to paint something for the owner, since not only has he's been busy with his new business, and he is also a new father of twins! Basically, he never sleeps. I felt like he needed to know his hard work was being appreciated by a random patron.


For Sale - "Where the Robots & Dinosaurs Are"

"Where the Robots & Dinosaurs Are" - 12" x 6" - $50

I painted this a while ago. I thought it was a fun twist on a childhood favorite. This was painted at the same time as my Three Little Pigs painting. What can I say, I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

Music Monday - The Pillowfights / Final Round

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In the last two years my band Gnarboots has played at least a dozen shows with the Pillowfights, or maybe it just seems that way since there singer Dani is literally at every show ever. They played their final show December 17th, along with the Albert Square, who were also playing their last show. Gnarboots was asked to play (mainly because of this song, I think) but we unfortunately could not make it. I had a similar image to the one above in my head for a flyer, but someone made a flyer before I could. I noticed that there was no album cover for this release, so I hope they will accept this at their official album art.


Sock Drawer Robot

I found this drawing in my sock drawer yesterday. I have no idea how it got, among the old wallets, keychains, pocket knives and other brick-a-brack. My only guess is that past-me wanted to surprise present-me with a funny little robot drawing.

I scanned him and colored him in just for the heck of it:


For Sale - "You OK?"

"You OK?" - 10" x 10" - $35


I Drew This: Buffalo (x7)

 BuffaloBuffaloBuffaloBuffaloBuffaloBuffaloBuffalo are a female-fronted pop-punk band from Santa Cruz. My friend Elijah is the drummer, my friend Casey is the singer, my friend Alec is the guitarist... and even though I have seen them play twice, I've never met the bassist, because Adam filled in, both times! 
Elijah asked me to draw some art for his new band, and I sort of shrugged it off because homeboy is in a ton of bands. Then I heard them, and thought they were good, and I really like ridiculous band names.


SOLD - "Are you sure this is the right way?"

"Are you sure this is the right way?" - 10" x 10" -  $50 (SOLD)

Music Monday - The Caps / Live in the Windowless Room

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Every time I listen to these dudes, I remember why I started playing music: to play whatever loud-ass music I want with my friends. These guys (all of whom are still teenagers) are super fun to watch live, and I would go to one of their shows than all of the crap bands that pack 21+ bars here in the bay.

All Ages 4 Life.



Do you like punk rock?
Do you like robots?
Do you like my paintings?
Do you like babies? Specifically, my baby?
Do you have some extra cash that your grandma sent you for the holidays?
Check out the video below, and see if this something you would be interested in!


Music Monday - 100% / EP2

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Happy 2012. Here's some new jams from 100% to start your year off right. I drew a logo for them a while ago, hopefully they'll make a sticker or a shirt out of it someday: