I Love Scolari's Good Eats

Scolaris - 6" x 12" - NFS
If you come to visit me or my family, chances are 9 times out of 10 if we go out to eat, we are going to Scolari's. It's a small spot nearby with a killer menu, and the genius of it is that even though they have limited seating, they are partnered with the bar next door, so you can have your food brought to you over there! I usually get the special burger of the day. I've ordered things besides the burger before, and its always good, but it always leaves me wishing I had gotten a burger. I decided over Christmas break that I wanted to paint something for the owner, since not only has he's been busy with his new business, and he is also a new father of twins! Basically, he never sleeps. I felt like he needed to know his hard work was being appreciated by a random patron.

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