You Should Buy This: Winter Stroll II Print

Winter Stroll II - Limited run of 25 - 8.5" x 11"
What better to go with your "Winter Stroll" print than this! Limited to 25 copies, hand-numbered and signed by me, printed on heavy card stock.


Flyer - 11.18/19.2011

Here's the next in the series of flyers commissioned by Destroy Nate Allen. Looks like Bertie is in for a surprise!

Music Monday - The Weeknd / Thursday

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I was really hoping this record would reference the Morphine song "Thursday" at some point, since The Weeknd's lyrical themes seem to mirror the main topic of that song. Alas, it does not.
Still a killer album though (and it's free).  


Flyer - 10.29.2011

Here's what I'll be doing around Halloween this year. Maybe I should try carving a pumpkin like this and wearing it on my head for the show!
I really like drawing this character, although I don't have a name for him (pumpkin head is already taken). If you think of a good name for this crow-footed, scarecrow-bodied, jack-o-lantern headed killer, please leave it in the comments below.
I'll try to post a few more drawings of him before Halloween to get myself in the spirit!


Flyer - 10.23.2011

This little guy is going on an adventure through the next series of Destroy Nate Allen flyers. 


Music Monday - Gnarboots / Happy Birthday

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This soon-to-be classic mixtape is just a little under a week old. Why "classic", you ask? Because HAPPY BIRTHDAY, that's why! What better way to celebrate the day you were born than with new songs about that very subject! We couldn't include the original Happy Birthday song, due to copyright issues, but this picks up where that left off!


Music Monday - Di Bravura / Mane Horse Split 7"

(click to download)
During a Gnarboots set in San Jose, I was crowd-surfing (I am far too large to be crowd-surfing) and this dapper young lad was also crowd-surfing (he is the correct size to be crowd-surfing).
We high-fived.
I later found out that he is the vocalist for a group from Sacramento called Di Bravura. I think they are really good. Lots of screamy vocals, noodly guitars and weirdness. The other half of the split is Mane Horse, who I know nothing about, other than they have a far more accessible sound than Di Bravura. Four great songs from two totally different sounding bands.


Flyer - Victory And Associates / These Things are Facts! 2011 NW Tour

Conan from V&A booked the pAper chAse a while back in Oakland, and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I made this for his band as a thank-you for booking that show (actually, he just asked nicely, and I had some free time). If you live in the bay area, you should check out the show on the 8th. Moon Eater are really killer. They sound similar to Hot Snakes (and I went to high school with the bassist, although I didn't know that until after ). The Third Victim of Abigail Rutledge is Mags from Yaphet Kotto's new thing.

Your Friday Awesome - 99% Invisible

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This is hands down my favorite podcast. I can't even remember how I discovered it (although while writing this, I came across a link to BoingBoing. That's probably how I discovered it). The format sets it apart from a lot of other podcast out there. While most other shows average about an hour in length, these clock in at about 4-10 minutes each. There's no dead air, each episode is well thought out to pack in a ton of interesting information. One of my favorite episodes is about Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, information I later used on the 100 Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt.


Music Monday - Reggie Watts / Daytrotter Session

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I've probably listened to this session more times than any of the physical releases I actually purchased this year. For any of you who are unfamiliar, Reggie Watts creates music using a few loop pedals, a microphone and his voice. Oh, there's a little bit of keyboard thrown in there too, but that's hardly worth mentioning compared to all the rad stuff he does with just his voice and some effects.