100 ROBOTS - 090/100

Name: Pan0ptiTron
Serial #: X320204AD77-00081
Function: Compiler of All Know & Unknown Data

Name: HeX-VC+0R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00082
Function: Magnetic Wall Walking

Name: R0G3R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00083
Function: Whoopie Cushion Development & Testing

Name: Prof. D15@5+3R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00084
Function: Maniacal Laughter

Name: 88-M.C.F.L.Y
Serial #: X320204AD77-00085
Function: Garbage Fuel Fusion Conversion, Time Travel

Name: 0-HA1
Serial #: X320204AD77-00086
Function: 24/7 Friendly Jabbering

Name: m0ntg0m3ry
Serial #: X320204AD77-00087
Function: Deep Personal Reflection Simulation

Name: @+L@5
Serial #: X320204AD77-00088
Function: Long-Term Heavy Weight Carrier

Name: ((o||o))
Serial #: X320204AD77-00089
Function: 360° Immersive Virtual Tours

Name: v10l3T
Serial #: X320204AD77-00090
Function: Spelunking, Abandoned Building Salvage


Look, I drew this

I drew this from an idea Steven Heet gave me. I wanted to use it for a shirt design or something, but I never got around to it. I'm moving stuff around on my computer and I just found it again. 


100 ROBOTS - 080/100

Name: R@Y
Serial #: X320204AD77-00071
Function: Solar Power Monitoring

Name: ..:..::..:......::::..-milT
Serial #: X320204AD77-00072
Function: String Data Code Reimage Maintanence, Humming

Name: eyeB0T
Serial #: X320204AD77-00073
Function: Ocular Observations

Name: iVan
Serial #: X320204AD77-00074
Function: Dual Pressure Reduction, Deep Tissue Massage

Name: GR33N-B0M83R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00075
Function: Pipe Blockage Removal

Name: %y
Serial #: X320204AD77-00076
Function: Book-Keeping, Number-Swatting

Name: J1MM13
Serial #: X320204AD77-00077
Function: 100 Word Answers

Name: S1R L0RD ULY5535 T1N80++0M
Serial #: X320204AD77-00078
Function: Tea, Crumpets, Escorting the Queen

Name: ARMATRON 2.0
Serial #: X320204AD77-00079
Function: Box Hauling, Heavy Lifting

Serial #: X320204AD77-00080
Function: Three-Dimensional Image Production


100 ROBOTS - 070/100

Name:  J00L1@N
Serial #: X320204AD77-00061
Function: 24/7 Logistics Planning

Name:  G00M8@
Serial #: X320204AD77-00062
Function: Walking Left, Walking Right

Name: n0m n0m
Serial #: X320204AD77-00063
Function: Heavy Lifting, Dumpster Consumption

Name:  LU1S
Serial #: X320204AD77-00064
Function: Movie Plot Hole Evalutaion

Name:  P3+3R
Serial #: X320204AD77-00065
Function: Dual-Mono Armature Extension CLASS D

Serial #: X320204AD77-00066
Function: Hiding In Plain Sight

Serial #: X320204AD77-00067
Function: Truth, Justice, Apple Pie Production, Mom-Loving

Name:  FR3DD13
Serial #: X320204AD77-00068
Function: Citrus Processing, Contemplations, Gazing

Name:  M@N+15
Serial #: X320204AD77-00069
Function: Inorganic Gardening, Weed Pulling

Name: 8088Y-J03
Serial #: X320204AD77-00070
Function:Pros & Cons


100 ROBOTS - 060/100

Serial #: X320204AD77-00056
Function: Fretting, Second-Guessing

Name: VIN-¢
Serial #: X320204AD77-00057
Function: Unexact Change Dispensing

Serial #: X320204AD77-00058
Function: High-Frequency Eruptions, Surprises

Name: Mister Sunshine 3200™
Serial #: X320204AD77-00059
Function: Deep-Core Planet Mining

Name: 0:-|
Serial #: X320204AD77-00060
Function: Keeper of Lost Data