"You look familiar..."

Daaaang! It's been over a month since I've posted anything on here.

I'll change that real soon.

All 100 Robots have been finished and posted, and I've been thinking about what to do for my next art project. Meanwhile, I've also been taking some classes at the community college, making music, playing xbox, gorging myself on burritos and coffee, and generally being awesome. Speaking of awesome, did you know I have a twin? Her name is Renee and this is her blog: http://briskknits.blogspot.com/
I could believe it myself at first but the resemblance is uncanny!

Here's a visual quiz with answers. Let's see how many you get right:

I know you thought that was me flashing the piece sign but I'm on the right, holding the giant plate of carne asada.

It's hard to tell, cause we're both sitting down, but I'm on the left.

I know you thought that was my bad-ass karaoke rock-face... I'm actually on the right! crazy, huh?

Again I'm on the right. See? You thought I was the one being awesome.

I know the weird apocalyptic lighting in this one makes it hard to tell. I'm on the right, AGAIN!

You thought I was on the left huh? NOPE. I'm wearin' a wig, on the right!

This one's a toughie, huh?! ...I'm on the RIGHT!

Ok, this one was a trick. I'm not in this picture. Renee is being strangled by a robot! That's not me!

Ready? I'M ON THE R.I.G.H.T!

I know, optical illusion. The little hat makes it look my giant head on the right... BAM! I'm on the left!!!

Don't beat yourself up too badly if you didn't get any of these right. I mean, I can't even tell the difference sometimes!
Anyhow, WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS!? Well, check this out:

Renee re-created one of my robot paintings while teaching herself how to embroider! First try! How awesome is that?!

Also, she has made me:
  • A "Team Awesome" Hoodie, with Halo 3 Unicorn emblem on the front
  • A rad t-shirt based on this guy from "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"
  • An awesome bad techno mix CD that is perfect for parties
  • Another rad t-shirt with this guy on it!
Basically, Renee is super bad-ass. She can walk on her hands, knows how to blog (yes, everyone has a "blog" these days, but Renee actually does it right), is really good at video games, and is an fabulous dancer. You should go visit her blog, leave a comment, buy some rad knitted fingerless gloves from her, and try to be more like her. You will undoubtedly fail, but you know what they say: Shoot for the stars, that way when you miss, you at least wind up on the moon. What? No one says that...