Mornin' Neighbor! - 8" x 10" - SOLD (click to enlarge)

Hey, is this hard to read? Well, there was a problem... on his way out to take his morning walk, the robot spilled some of his coffee. It got all over the keyboard of my computer. Now the text won't stay still!!! Hopefully he can fix this. Thanks for stopping by again! I hope I'll have this sorted out in time for the next post! -AdamD


Drawing Challenge #1 FINISHED! + bonus drawing!

Entries 1 - 9 were drawn at my desk as they were received in the comments section. Entries 10 & 11 came in after I had left work for the day, so I drew them the next morning when I got to work. I worked as quickly as possible, didn't allow myself do-overs, and tried to keep them simple. Here are the sketches, I had a blast doing them. I'll do #10 tomorrow between my 2nd and 3rd cups of coffee. All of the drawings are now finished! Time for that 3rd cup of coffee!

#1 - "Platypus saving a baby from a burning building." -Sylvia

#2 - "Makin' the weather with a low light bulb" -Kevin

#3 - "metalhead baseball player astronaut shopping for porn dvds." -Ryan N.

#4 - "a penguin trying out to become a ghostbuster." - Joseph

#5 - "A robot becoming the news anchor of the century, during the biggest blizzard ever." -Jen

#6 - "Alexander waited patiently at the bus stop, wondering what his mother had packed for lunch." - Sam

A mobster using a lobster as his tommy gun. Or a lobster using a mobster as his tommy gun. Or Maybe just a lobster dressed as a mobster using a tommy gun. It would be a shame not to draw the tommy gun." - Karl

#8 - "A Hedgehog versus an icecream cone in a battle of wits" - Heather

#9 - "A zombie giving birth to a robot." - Ryan C.

#10 - "Bag guy shopping for designer bags." - Allan

*BONUS* #11 - "dammit, I'm eleven..." - Nnekay

One more to go, All done! Thank you for participating. Please voice your opinion on your favorite sketch in the comments below!

...I'll probably do another one of these in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. It was a fun exercise!

"A Cabin in the Woods" illustrations & Drawing Challenge #1

A few years back I worked with a Mr. Guy J. Jackson. Guy was, among many things, a Storyteller. I didn't realize one could still aspire to be a Storyteller in the modern era... but okay. Guy used to put together these slip-shod post-it size story books that he would mail off to publishers. He had a huge binder full of rejection letters from them, which he sometimes brought to work to flip through, clutching his head, muttering, "I've squandered my life!"
At one point, either feeling pity for Guy, or a desire to draw someone else's ideas, I wound up illustrating one of his stories while sitting at my desk at work. I stretched about a paragraph worth of story into 16 illustrations. The story is pretty odd, and I left the grammar and punctuation alone, which I pasted up into the illustrations zine-style:

This part requires a little group participation: in the comments below, write one line that can be illustrated. (example: Monkey removing training wheels from a bicycle.) I will take the first ten that are posted, sketch them up, and post them. The one that I like the best (or maybe we'll put it to a vote) I'll turn into a painting, and the person who posted that idea gets the painting for free! Get to it!!


Sketchbook #2 + moleskine (January)

(click to enlarge)

The robots on the left were a challenge to I made to myself to draw a whole page worth of robots who all looked different. The post-it notes on right all had coffee spilled on them by me when the office I was working in switched their mugs from flat-bottomed mugs to rounded-bottom mugs. One of those post-it notes has been transferred to a painting which I will post soon.
I've also
decided to post my moleskine drawings by month. Here are all the drawings I did for the month of January '09:

Clicking on any of the above images will bring up a larger version. Thanks for stopping by! I'll post up some new art soon.



VS. - 18" x 18" - $75 (click to enlarge)

Robots vs. dinosaurs, Coke vs. Pepsi, analog vs. digital, werewolves vs. vampires, zombies vs. survivors, you vs. the clock... You have to pick a side. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here riding my T-rex, howling at the moon, listening to records, shotgun in one hand and cherry coke in the other
This painting is the biggest of the lot. I personally like the sketch I did for this painting better, so maybe I will re-paint it again someday. What do you think?



Bruno & the 'Bots - 12" x 14" - SOLD (click image to enlarge)

There's nothing like a Brontosaurus to ruin a party. That dumb tail just seems to have a mind of it's own! Even the most well-meaning Thunder Lizard tends to make the needle skip on the record when he enters the party, literally and figuratively! Plus, he's so misunderstood! He's actually an Apatosaurus! These robots don't care either way, they just want him out of the party.
Here's another sketch via ballpoint pen and post-it note. I think I may have drawn this after the painting though. Maybe it was my way of making it up to the robots for having Bruno cause so much trouble:
Now there's a painting up with robots AND dinosaurs in it! I thought about buying a proper internet domain for this website, but both dinosaursandrobotsDOTcom and robotsanddinosaursDOTcom are taken! Plus, maybe I'll paint something other than robots and dinosaurs in the future! Maybe I'll paint a nice still life of a bowl of fruit. I might decide to paint some flowers. I could paint bigfoot riding the loch ness monster, eating an ice cream cone and giving the thumbs up! Do you have ideas? Want me to try to paint your idea?! Send me an email and we'll talk: xadamdx@gmail.com