Music Monday - Boboso / Life's a Gas

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Have you ever gone to see Gnarboots perform and thought, "I really wish Gnarboots was just the rapping part, without the other two guys sweating all over me and screaming"? Well, now you can experience just that! Here is Bob Vielma's solo rap album, featuring all of your favorite songs about San Jose's most infamous Mexican, Ya Boy Boboso.


Minibosses - Get in the Minivan 2012

Nintendo rockers the Minibosses will be joined by Gnarboots (the band I'm in) for five shows in four days in October. More like ROCKtober, amirite? They're also flying us out to Arizona to play their 250th show. Should be a real good time. Big thanks to Eric Fanali for hooking us up with these guys.

I'm looking into having screenprints made of this poster to sell at the shows. I'm only going to print up about 50. What do you think, is that enough?


Music Monday - Mike Huguenor / Bardamu

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Mike is in Shinobu, Hard Girls and Classics of Love. Between those three bands, I guess this batch of songs couldn't find a home. I thought this would be the usual singer/songwriter acoustic guitar fare, and I couldn't be happier to be wrong about that. Great jams from a great dude.