I Drew This: Dan P & The Bricks / Kill Your Television

Dan Potthast and I go way back to when I was in Link 80 and he was in MU330. I actually saw MU330 at Berkeley Square before I was in Link 80, and before Dan was the singer in MU330. So why is the first shirt I'm designing for him?! Shoooots, bruh.


I Drew This: Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children Macnuggits / Dog Poop

I drew this t-shirt design for Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits a little while back. When I asked Corbett what he wanted me to draw, he said, "Well, we have lots of songs about dogs & poop!"



...and if I run out of paintings, I will draw you something if you ask nicely.


Music Monday - Filbert / If Time Travel Were Possible

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Stockton is a pretty bleak place.

Aside from Pavement being from there, for years there wasn't much to say about Stockton. More recently, the Plea For Peace center opened there, and I saw Filbert play there. They play lo-fi sweet songs, sad bastard jams that need to be on vinyl. They're raising money to press their new record, and they are a little over halfway. I don't usually post music that can't be downloaded, but I really like this band and I'd like to see them reach their goal. If you like what you hear, please help them out.