Tomorrow I will be selling zines, paintings, and prints at the East Bay Zinefest, put on by the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.  If you missed the SF Zinefest this year, this would be a good chance to come check out some art (and music, if you feel like sticking around for the late part of this.) I will be there from 12-4pm. 

Next week:

I'll be performing at this with GNARBOOTS. Wanna get up close and personal? Come to this.

The very next day, I will be selling my art at this:

I'm planning on having hand-painted christmas ornaments to sell at this show! We will see how that turns out. I'll be busy painting, drawing and illustrating all next week.

Hope to see some of you at these events!


Music Monday - Leer / EP

(click to download)
I hope that someday when my son starts a band with his friends, it sounds like this.



"Oh No!" - 8" x 8" - $40


Music Monday - Loma Prieta / Life/Less

(click to download)
During the '89 Loma Prieta earthquake, I was in front of my parents house in Gilroy, decorating for Halloween. When the ground started shaking, I immediately hit the deck. I realized I was directly under the front window of the house, which thankfully didn't shatter. I could hear everything falling out of the cabinets inside, and worried that the brick facade on the front of the house was going to fall down on me. When the whole thing was over, nearly every chimney on the block had been knocked down.

This album pretty much sounds like that earthquake.


Flyer - 12.12.2011

Here's the next flyer in the adventure of Bertie (that's the name of the robot). It's part of a series of flyers I am doing for the band Destroy Nate Allen. Nate said I should make my signature bigger, so I made it bigger on this one.


Music Monday - Comadre / Mixtape #5

(click to download)

This was originally released to raise donations to send over to Japan to help with their whole earthquake/tsunami situation, but it's now available for free.


FOR SALE: Domed-Robot Painting

"Domed-Robot" - 6" x 8" - $50


Happy Day-After-Halloween!

The day after Halloween has always felt super weird to me. All of the pumpkins are shriveled, the costumes have been packed away... and Dia De Los Muertos happens! Skulls everywhere! Not scary skulls though, pretty skulls! Nothing against the holiday, but it always feels like it's a day late to me.

Happy Dia De Los Muertos, everybody!