Brothers, Sisters, Dinosaurs & Robots

Maggie Park

Mags - 9" x 12" - NFS (click to enlarge)

Moses Park

Moe - 9" x 12" - NFS (click to enlarge)

I finished these a little while back, but since I am handing these two off to Mike tomorrow at the Asian Man Records 13th year Anniversary Party in the Oakland A's Stadium, I finally got motivated to put these up. Monica Park was one of the first people to contact me about doing a commission, and here they are! She just told me to paint whatever, so I decided on a Dinosaur (duh) throwing a paper airplane to a Robot (double duh) who is catching it. I hope they like these, and I hope the kids they are named after (Maggie and Moses Park) will like them and enjoy having them on their walls as they get older.

I stole these from Monica's facebook page, I hope she doesn't mind, I just wanted to share with anyone who doesn't know the Parks how adorable their kids are:


DRAWING CHALLENGE #2 - The 5 Remaining Pictures!

Here are the five remaining pictures, I wound up doing one extra, and almost moved onto a 17th drawing (Retarded Monkeys Inventing Facebook), but my hand was cramping up and it was the end of the day on Friday. Here they are, thanks for posting your ideas:

Godzilla secretly using his tail to flirt with Voltron at a poker table with My Little Pony, Snake Eyes, & Strawberry Shortcake. - Sergio Robledo-Maderazo

Smashed computer in a cubicle that's been trashed morphing into a man walking into the woods while tearing off his tie without looking back. -Jared Davis
Leviathan (Erin & Ryan's black moor goldfish) fights a robot sea creature (you pick) in an underwater Mortal Kombat style background. -Erin Skidmore

Your robot standing very still between vending machines. - Linda Green

The Guy from Monopoly dressed as the girl from Flashdance while pouring a bucket of water and baby robots on him. -Tim Ahlin

Thanks again, everyone. I'll be starting on the painting of the winning entry soon!


DRAWING CHALLENGE #2 - The First 11 Drawings!

I'll be posting these up as I go, rather than trying to finish them all and then posting them. Last time I did ten, this time I set the limit at 15, but I'll probably wind up with 16-17. Between odds and ends around the office I've been hammering these out in my cubicle. These are the results, click on the image to make it all big and smudgy:

Unicorn gymnast rides a unicycle on a tight rope with an animatronic parrot! - Renee Nichols

Richard Simmons naked on a Pegacorn (pegasus and unicorn hybrid!), drinking a bottle of tequila. - Ryan Christo

A jellyfish eating a PB&J sammich (and realizing it's cannibalism!) - Jen Rexy

An awkward moose brandishing a gat and asking you kindly for all ur moniez plz. - Allan Wan

A damn sexy teddy bear looking fly in some hot pants - Nnekay FitzClarke

Santa Claus becoming Iron Man - Joseph Edwards
AJ tapdancing at a suicide orgy, taking a shit, while Tom Cruise is giving a Hitler-esque speech on the stage while chopping off a dog's head and the world around is in the midst of a nuclear holocast. - Aaron Carnes

I sit in my cubicle, half brain-dead, looking at my computer screen, wishing that I had the job the world promised me when I was young. -Samantha Green

Rubber and His domestic partner Glue celebrate their 15th anniversary - Scott Lawrence

'nanners (bananas) in a tire swing - Katie Myrvold

AJ punching Chris punching Roman punching Adam punching AJ. - Chris Walters

Don't see your idea illustrated yet? Well, I've only got two hands, and only one of them knows how to draw!! Get off my case!! Stop yelling at me!! Where am I?! Who are you!? Get off of me! Is this eBay?! WHO IS KRULL!?!

Check back soon! 5 or 6 more drawings on the way!



Hey Everyone, let's get down to this:

1) I designed this logo for the Sound Scene Revolution Podcast. They interview lots of awesome punk rock-type bands. They interviewed my band DESA. I'm supposed to have a pizza eating contest with their host Rich aka DANTE3000, but I keep putting it off.

2) I have a terrible sunburn that just seems to be getting progressivly worse. I applied and re-applied sunscreen, looked fine when we got home, and then it just got more and more red. It puts the lotion on the skin. It smears the aloe. It puts the lotion in the basket.

3) I have been neglecting to put up the most recent paintings I have completed, I haven't posted anything new in a month! Have you forgotten about me? I will hopefully put up some new paintings soon, and then more moleskine drawings.

4) It's time for...


I'm stuck working at the front desk today, so let's do this! For this to work, it requires some group participation: in the comments below, write one line that can be illustrated. (example: The Hamburgler jumping out of a cake at a bachelor party.) I will take the first fifteen that are posted, sketch them up, and post them. The one that I like the best, I'll turn into a painting, and the person who posted that idea gets the painting for free! LET THE DRAWING BEGIN!!!