DRAWING CHALLENGE #2 - The First 11 Drawings!

I'll be posting these up as I go, rather than trying to finish them all and then posting them. Last time I did ten, this time I set the limit at 15, but I'll probably wind up with 16-17. Between odds and ends around the office I've been hammering these out in my cubicle. These are the results, click on the image to make it all big and smudgy:

Unicorn gymnast rides a unicycle on a tight rope with an animatronic parrot! - Renee Nichols

Richard Simmons naked on a Pegacorn (pegasus and unicorn hybrid!), drinking a bottle of tequila. - Ryan Christo

A jellyfish eating a PB&J sammich (and realizing it's cannibalism!) - Jen Rexy

An awkward moose brandishing a gat and asking you kindly for all ur moniez plz. - Allan Wan

A damn sexy teddy bear looking fly in some hot pants - Nnekay FitzClarke

Santa Claus becoming Iron Man - Joseph Edwards
AJ tapdancing at a suicide orgy, taking a shit, while Tom Cruise is giving a Hitler-esque speech on the stage while chopping off a dog's head and the world around is in the midst of a nuclear holocast. - Aaron Carnes

I sit in my cubicle, half brain-dead, looking at my computer screen, wishing that I had the job the world promised me when I was young. -Samantha Green

Rubber and His domestic partner Glue celebrate their 15th anniversary - Scott Lawrence

'nanners (bananas) in a tire swing - Katie Myrvold

AJ punching Chris punching Roman punching Adam punching AJ. - Chris Walters

Don't see your idea illustrated yet? Well, I've only got two hands, and only one of them knows how to draw!! Get off my case!! Stop yelling at me!! Where am I?! Who are you!? Get off of me! Is this eBay?! WHO IS KRULL!?!

Check back soon! 5 or 6 more drawings on the way!


  1. i like the jellyfish the best.

  2. can't stop laughing at that bear.... you are my hero

  3. That banana has a mean face. Where did it get that mean face? I want that mean face.

  4. Damn! I wanna support the Teddy, but those bananas crack me up!

  5. Kristie's favorite was the jellyfish but that hoodrat bear is just so wrong...

  6. I think you should color in the Punch-a-thon drawing, then make it into wall paper. Then wallpaper every inch of Chris', Roman's, and AJ's bedrooms with it when they're out of town.