DRAWING CHALLENGE #2 - The 5 Remaining Pictures!

Here are the five remaining pictures, I wound up doing one extra, and almost moved onto a 17th drawing (Retarded Monkeys Inventing Facebook), but my hand was cramping up and it was the end of the day on Friday. Here they are, thanks for posting your ideas:

Godzilla secretly using his tail to flirt with Voltron at a poker table with My Little Pony, Snake Eyes, & Strawberry Shortcake. - Sergio Robledo-Maderazo

Smashed computer in a cubicle that's been trashed morphing into a man walking into the woods while tearing off his tie without looking back. -Jared Davis
Leviathan (Erin & Ryan's black moor goldfish) fights a robot sea creature (you pick) in an underwater Mortal Kombat style background. -Erin Skidmore

Your robot standing very still between vending machines. - Linda Green

The Guy from Monopoly dressed as the girl from Flashdance while pouring a bucket of water and baby robots on him. -Tim Ahlin

Thanks again, everyone. I'll be starting on the painting of the winning entry soon!

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