Flyer - 07.02.2011

Threw this together today for a show on Saturday. I already had the art laying around, so I just re-sized it and added the text. I really liked using the Crass font since I had already put the Crass logo on the singer's shirt.


In case you didn't know...

My son, Thomas, was born on June 9th at 9:44pm, 21 inches long, 8 lbs 11 oz. He is absolutely the best thing ever. So, sorry if it takes me a little while to post some new stuff. Still getting used to the whole eat/poop/sleep/repeat routine, but I am loving every minute of it!

Here's the best piece of fathering advice I have been given:




Earlier this week my wife needed an image for an article she wrote about body modification, from the point of view of a new parent. I had suggested that rather than some photo, I could do an illustration to go with the article. Needless to say, I totally spaced on it and wound up hammering this out an hour before she needed it. Still, I'm happy enough with it to post it here.


Holy Carp

Sometimes our fingers type faster than our brains.
Sometimes a misspelling of a word is the correct spelling of another word.
Sometimes I can't stop thinking about a dumb idea until I draw it.