Your Friday Awesome - AdamD Stickers!

The other day at work, in a burst of energy, I made these stickers using some name badge labels, the same way that grafitti dudes do.

I mailed them to a bunch of folks, asking them to stick up at least one in a public place somewhere. Basically, it's fun to "Do Hoodrat Stuff", and I wanted to make people be a little bad. As an added incentive, I promised "additional fun mail".

Big ups to Francisco and Elijah for sending me these pictures. I'll be rewarding them shortly.


Music Monday - Dirtbag Dan / The Dirtbag Dan Mixtape

(Click to download)
This guy Dan made you a mixtape. Someone tried to tell me a while ago these are called "mixed tapes".
Anyhow, this guy is on it:


Music Monday - The Weeknd / House of Balloons

(click to download)

The closest appoximation I can think of for what to expect when hearing this: imagine Usher singing for Portishead.
I heard their song “The Morning” at the end of a recent episode of Uhh Yeah Dude. I looked it up online and saw that the whole album is up for free download. I’ve spent the last week listening to this pretty heavily. Sure, they lyrics are a little ridiculous (and dang, homeboy likes to drop f-bombs), but overall it's a really fresh take on R&B.


Flyer - 05.07.2011

*Changed for 100 Dinosaurs, see the actual flyer below*

Max from Hard Girls likes vikings.



Congratulations to Robin for finding Dinosaur #14! 

Clue #14 was an illustration I did of the Moonrise sculptures by Ugo Rondinone, located in front of 555 Mission St. (hence posting this clue at 5:55pm)

When I arrived, I was saddened to realize that I could not hide the paintings inside of any of their mouths like I originally planned, so I settled with putting it behind the middle pedestal.