*Due to a double-booking on Friday, the reception for the PHTHALO BLUES art show will be on Saturday at 7PM. I will be selling a bunch of new art for real cheap. I'm planning on selling all of the paintings for $20 the day of the reception.
The prices will be increased if you stop by later in the month.*
I'm having an art show in Oakland in a little over a week. All of the pieces have been painted using only phthalo blue and white paint. I'll hopefully have a few interesting surprises in addition to the paintings, it's just a matter of getting everything prepared in time.

Hope to see you there!


Music Monday - Reece Noble / Digital Reign In Blood

(click to download)
To teach himself Ableton, Reece Noble decided to recreate the entire Slayer / Reign in Blood album digitally.

It took him a week and a half.


Music Monday - Moon Eater / Moon Eater

(click to download)
Jump on this, cause it's only available for free for about three more day! Driving rock in the vein on Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt. Makes sense, since it was recorded by the Swami himself, John Reis.


New Sign! - Rocket Reuse

The city of Alameda decided that sandwich boards couldn't be taking up space on the sidewalks downtown, so my favorite shop Rocket Reuse had to retire the sign I helped make for them. When I found this out, I offered to help redo the sign into a hanging version.

I re-laid out the original art, adjusted the text, and sent it off to the printer. I'm really happy with the result, and so is the shop! I have to say, I love walking under this when I'm out running errands.


Music Monday - Jabber / Too Many Babes

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New music from ex-members of Dead Ringer and The Pillowfights. This is a great example of a perfect first release for a new band. Here's why:
  • Short songs are the way to go. The longest song on here is 2:18!
  • Catchy melodies. I was whistling the chorus to "Girlfriend" after one listen. 
  • Less than 5 songs, more than 2. Four songs is just enough to leave you wanting more.
  • Good recording, no frills. Skylar Suorez recorded this. He rules. 
 Can't wait to see them live.