Robots riding Dinosaurs

I painted these to sell at the SF zine fest. They were snatched up really quick. I should have painted more of these. Well, these and zombies. Everybody loves zombies.


Music Monday - Golden Age / Cassette Culture

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I wasn't sure what I was going to post today, until my friend Roman posted this today. I'm about halfway though it right now, and it's real good.


Little Robot Painting #3 -SOLD

Acrylic - 4" x 4" - $15

Here's the last one. These always look a little funny to me scanned and put up on the internet. Trust me, they look snazzy in real life. Let's be honest, that's where it really matters.

Little Robot Painting #2 (for sale)

Acrylic - 4" x 4" - $15
Here's another one! Another little robot painting! Painted by me! For you! 

Little Robot Painting #1 - SOLD

Acrylic - 4" x 4" - SOLD

I painted a bunch of these recently, and I still have three left over. Maybe you just have a little tiny wall you want to adorn with a little tiny painting of mine? Sure you do!


Good Boy - SOLD

Acrylic over spray paint  - 10" x 10" -SOLD

Here's another painting I did for the San Francisco Zine Festival this year, but no one bought. So here it is for you to buy, especially if you like robots and dinosaurs, together!

I added a wrench to this painting so that it looked like they were playing fetch. I didn't take a picture.

Robot Shock - SOLD

Acrylic on Spraypaint - 10" x  10" - SOLD
I painted this, based on a doodle I did on the back of a business card a while back. If someone buys this painting, I'll post the doodle. If not, well, you'll never get to see it. How's that for salesmanship?



You Should Buy This: Winter Stroll Print (SOLD)

This is a limited edition print of my Winter Stroll illustration that I made for the SF Zine Fest. Limited to 25 copies, hand numbered and signed by me, I've got seven of these left! It's $5! Sold Out! Thank You!


SF Zine Fest 2011 - Looking Back

(my table, flanked by the GNARBOOTS backline)
This was my second year at the SF Zine Fest, so I kinda had a little better idea of what to expect. I made sure to paint a bunch of paintings in advance, printed up a bunch of different zines, and dug in for two days of creativity overload. This was the tenth year of the festival, and it was much bigger than in previous years. I didn't get a chance to walk around too much, but when I did I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of creativity being pumped out around me.
After the first day, on which I successfully sold off a bunch of paintings, I decided I should get busy painting. this was the first painting I turned out that day:

It was snatched up by none other than Bill Chartier, who played guitar in Calling All Monsters (a really awesome local indie band who, sadly, are no longer performing).

I painted this next, a robot falling out of the sky!

A nice dude named Glenn bought it, but I forgot to take his picture with it! I really like having pictures of the paintings with their new owners, since an event like this is the only time I really get to see the people who purchase my art (unless you're a buddy of mine). Sunday was kind of a blur, between a lack of sleep from being a new father, the usual madness of Zine Fest, and a surprise Gnarboots performance in the atrium.

I did manage to get a few pictures of folks who bought paintings:

Josh Ellingson continues to be a positive guiding light in my quest to become a full time artist. He stopped by my table, told me my prices were way too low, then proceeded to buy this painting from me. NICE. He also hooked me up with a Square reader, so I was able to take credit cards on the second day!

I also used the festival as an excuse to hide a couple of dinosaur paintings. My buddy Jason found this painting. You want to see it? Go look at the 100 Dinosaurs site.

Sorry if you didn't make it out this year, it was a lot of fun. If you would like me to bring the Zine Fest experience to you, you can order a bundle of zines from me here!

Music Monday - Bust! / Fuck It

(click to download)
First off, the name of this album rules. Secondly, look at that cover. What a great album cover. I downloaded this on the suggestion of Joyce Manor, and I gotta say I'm digging it.


You Should Buy This: Zine Bundle!

Couldn't make it to the SF Zine Fest this year? Went, but spent so much time looking around you didn't bring anything home? Just want to support me as an artist, and keep my apartment from getting cluttered up with stuff I made?! Pick yourself up a Zine Bundle! Only 15 available, only $10! This includes:
  • All Robots Want To Kill You: a 16-Page coloring book featuring my robots, telling you exactly why they cannot be trusted. Heavy card stock full-color cover, suitable to give to the little one in your life to color (no swear words). I'll even draw a robot in the back if you'd like!
  • COFFEEBOT: Originally released as "Danger!! Lo-Tech!!!", a 20-page zine comic a few years back, this is my first completed 24-page comic book, drawn at my various office jobs as an experiment to see if I could draw an entire comic at work with no script! Printed full size with a glossy full color cover!
  • TALLGUY issues 1-4: my ridiculous tall format zine, featuring a slew of ridiculous interviews you won't read anywhere but in these pages! Interviews with Tera Melos, Pg99, The Fad, Turdus Musicus, Rx Bandits, Daylight, Hard Girls, Former Ghosts, Gavin Castleton, The Caps, Bobby Joe & The Children Macnuggits and more!
  • BUTTONS! Everybody likes 1" buttons! I'll throw some TALLGUY buttons, some old buttons with my art on them, and whatever other buttons I have lying around! Button-Mania!!
  • STICKERS! Actually, just labels with my art printed on them, but still! You can stick them on stuff!
  • SOMEONE ELSE'S ZINES! I accumulated a ton of zines at the last two zine fests through trades and just random folks handing them to me. Who knows what you will get! Consider the possibilities!
  • ORIGINAL ART!! I have reams of paper filled with my drawings! I have stacks of post it notes with silly pictures on them! I will stick them in an envelope and mail them to you! Are they all masterpieces? Probably not! But are they one-of-a-kind works of art that you can feel like an adult by framing and hanging on your wall!? I'd like to think so!


Music Monday - Moon / Guilt EP

(click to download)
For the last several years, I found myself down the rabbit hole, following the path of Divine Nonchalance. Like many others, I followed in the footsteps of Eva Lucien, hoping that one day she would return from Elsewhere.

Alanna Nuala was Eva Lucien, once from San Francisco, now transplanted to the east coast. Had they remained one and the same person, this recording would have fit perfectly in the world of the SF Savants. Dreamy, fuzzy shoegaze that fits perfectly in that niche when you don't feel like listening to something too heavy or too lite.

Long live the queen of Nonchalance.


Flyer - 09.30.2011

Nate Allen needed a flyer for his birthday show at the end of the month, so I whipped this up. Happy Birthday, Nate!


SF Zine Fest - Jam Comic!

This weekend was the San Francisco Zine Festival (and if you regularly look at this blog, I already beat you over the head with that information) and I had a blast selling paintings, meeting interesting folks and even got to play a set with GNARBOOTS! About halfway through Sunday I realized I hadn't seen anyone sending a jam comic around, something I got to participate in when I had a table two years ago which I really enjoyed (though I never saw the final result)! I threw together the first half of the first panel and passed it to my left to Pat Tong (of House of Tong)... where it went from there I have no idea. If you're one of the awesome artists who worked on this, please let me know in the comments!

Music Monday - Bomb The Music Industry! / Vacation

(click to download)
I recently drew a bunch of flyers for a bunch of shows these guys played in the bay area. Being a father now, I didn't have the chance to make it to any of them, but I did listen to this record a bunch.


SF Zine Fest Preview #6

I just realized this painting is missing a shadow. I'm going to add that shadow when I get home from work today. Come to the San Francisco Zine Festival and see if I improved this painting by adding a shadow or ruined it forever!

SF Zine Fest Preview #5

This is how I feel about my job. 
If you would like to hire me for my illustration skills, send me an email: xadamdx@gmail.com
Or, just come to the San Francisco Zine Festival and buy this from me.

SF Zine Fest Preview #4

I had a Rubik's cube as a kid. I peeled all the stickers off and put them back on to make it look like I solved it. Maybe that's what this robot did, but probably not.