SF Zine Fest 2011 - Looking Back

(my table, flanked by the GNARBOOTS backline)
This was my second year at the SF Zine Fest, so I kinda had a little better idea of what to expect. I made sure to paint a bunch of paintings in advance, printed up a bunch of different zines, and dug in for two days of creativity overload. This was the tenth year of the festival, and it was much bigger than in previous years. I didn't get a chance to walk around too much, but when I did I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of creativity being pumped out around me.
After the first day, on which I successfully sold off a bunch of paintings, I decided I should get busy painting. this was the first painting I turned out that day:

It was snatched up by none other than Bill Chartier, who played guitar in Calling All Monsters (a really awesome local indie band who, sadly, are no longer performing).

I painted this next, a robot falling out of the sky!

A nice dude named Glenn bought it, but I forgot to take his picture with it! I really like having pictures of the paintings with their new owners, since an event like this is the only time I really get to see the people who purchase my art (unless you're a buddy of mine). Sunday was kind of a blur, between a lack of sleep from being a new father, the usual madness of Zine Fest, and a surprise Gnarboots performance in the atrium.

I did manage to get a few pictures of folks who bought paintings:

Josh Ellingson continues to be a positive guiding light in my quest to become a full time artist. He stopped by my table, told me my prices were way too low, then proceeded to buy this painting from me. NICE. He also hooked me up with a Square reader, so I was able to take credit cards on the second day!

I also used the festival as an excuse to hide a couple of dinosaur paintings. My buddy Jason found this painting. You want to see it? Go look at the 100 Dinosaurs site.

Sorry if you didn't make it out this year, it was a lot of fun. If you would like me to bring the Zine Fest experience to you, you can order a bundle of zines from me here!

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