Flyer - 05.06.2012

I realized that I forgot to post this one. WHOOPS! Here's what happened between Bertie falling into the valley of dead robots, and meeting his new little pal.


Flyer - 06.02.2012

This Saturday I will be in Santa Cruz opening for the Minibosses. If you are unfamiliar, they are four piece rock band who perform covers of 8-bit Nintendo songs. Not only am I stoked to get to play this weekend, I'm pretty stoked to see these guys play live.
If you're interested in attending, you can pick up a cheap $5 advance ticket here.


Music Monday - Dad Punchers / Bedroom Demos

(click to download)
This was my favorite discovery off of the Kali Sound Mixtape I posted last week. Some catchy lo-fi jams recorded in a bedroom. Band name is pretty hilarious too, especially to me. No idea who the person responsible for these is, but they write good songs.


Flyer - 06.16.2012

Here's the final flyer in the series of flyers I illustrated for Destroy Nate Allen. They all tie together, and I'll probably be posting them again shortly without all of the text. It was a fun experiment!


Music Monday - Kali Sound / Kali Mixtape Volume 1

(click to download)
Here's a collection of songs from a bunch of bands I like. If you like loud guitars and dudes yelling their heads off, check this out.


I Drew This - Beach Bummed

Elijah Stoll plays drums in a lot of bands. He had a new band called Beach Bummed, but they've already broken up. I told him I would draw something for them a while ago, and here it is. Too bad it's not going to get used for anything now.
It's based on this illustration by Jim Phillips. I really like Jim Phillips. Hopefully I will get to hang out with him someday.


Flyer - 05.18.2012

I made this flyer for the show I am playing on Friday at 924 Gilman. I've been really busy with a couple of projects (and raising my son) so it was nice to blow off some artistic steam and draw something for myself.

Want to get into the show for free? Color this illustration and email it to me. Best one (or first one, or only one) gets into the show for free!