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Hi everybody,

Either that bus is really tiny or those school supplies are really big... I drew this for my sister-in-law Sam to help out with a project. It was kinda rushed, but I think it came out looking pretty fun. I don't think I've ever referred to Sam as my sister-in-law in writing before, and it looks pretty silly to me considering we've been friends since I was a teenager:

Need an illustration for something? I will work for cheap or free, depending on the situation. Shoot me an email at xadamdx@gmail.com, we'll work something out.


New art project on the horizon...


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Where are they now? *UPDATED 8/25*

With most of the paintings out of my house and up in other people's habitats, I thought it would be fun to post up some pictures of where my paintings have landed.

Here's the snail drawing! Stephanie Cortes was kind enough to snap a phot of it in it's new home! Looks like the lil guy is in good company (that's Hiro Nakamura on the right).

Here's Joe, looking tough with his prize from Drawing Challenge #1. Joe has a band: http://taketoday.com/ and he also has a Link 80 tattoo on his forearm!

Here's Stanley on my buddy Scott's desk in Denver, CO. When Scott and I were kids, our favorite television show was Fishmasters, and we would dig in the couch cushions to find change to buy HomeRun pies (25 cents! so cheap! so bad for you!!) at Nob Hill, the grocery store that was a block from his house. Scott was the first person to buy one of my paintings, so that means he's a better friend than all of you.

This is on the wall of little Maggie Park in San Jose, CA. The other painting is by Kepi of the Groovie Ghoulies, another punk rocker painting cute kid-appropriate paintings.
I made Heather pose for this during a theme party/housewarming party. The theme was summer camp, and their place was decked out with tiki torches, water balloons and arts & craft materials. I lost the watermelon eating contest. Basically, I have the best friends ever.

I'll post more of these as I recieve them. Want to make you're house look like this?! Hey, this could be you:

Day Two: San Francisco Zine Fest

Here's a look in the rearview at the San Francisco Zine Festival. I had a blast. In addition to selling a bunch of zines and a bunch of paintings, I picked up a lot of cool stuff from the other exhibitors and met a lot of great people. I spent the two days alternating between painting, talking to people at my table, painting, drinking coffee, painting, eating burritos and trying to score cool trades from the other tables. I even participated in a collaborative comic that was getting passed around the event! I'll post a link to that once it's online.

This is my buddy Jason, pictured holding his painting of a stegosaurus listening to a cassette walkman. I know Jason because of this and this, and it was great to see him! If you ever run into him somewhere, do something to make him laugh. He has the best laugh ever!

I painted this guy, snapped a picture of him, and he was gone before the paint was even dry! I also sold the jogging dinosaur painting to the same group of people, but forgot to take a picture of them with their paintings in the excitement! Ah well. Also, big ups to Nnekay for painting the background of this painting (collaborative art! unintentionally awesome! high-five!)

Here's the finished TV robot. The gal who bought it wasn't sure what the tv should have on it, so I though something similar to a pepto bismol advertisement would be funny. Plus, it was really easy to draw.
I also sold another 3" x 3" painting of an intoxicated snail to a couple (one of whom ROCK-agnized me) and gave a painting of a robot being air-lifted by a pterodactyl to my favorite artist at the festival, Josephine Allison Sayers, but forgot to take pictures of either of them! Shooots. Hey, if either of you read this, will you send me a picture of yourself with the painting so I can post them here?!
In conclusion, I'll totally be doing another of these, and absolutely be painting a lot more tiny art with low-low prices. Also, no one bought Frankin! What the hell?! Is he too expensive!? Too sad!?! He needs a home!!!


Day One: San Francisco Zine Fest

I had a great first day at the San Francisco Zine Festival! My display proved to be totally ridiculous and a festival landmark ("...we're across from the giant TALLGUY sign..."). I sold quite a few zines and some paintings. Sadly, Franklin (who someone today dubbed "the cry-ceritops") has still not found a home! Someone come buy this little guy! Argh!
I've spent my time behind my table today painting. I have some canvas boards (Thanks Nnekay!) and some teeny-tiny canvases that I've been working on. I churned out a few paintings today! Yay me! Here are the results:

"Jason Listens Closely to Commander 14" - 7" x 9" - NFS

"Robot says 'BALLS!'" - 3" x 3" - SOLD

I left the speech bubble above this robot blank so that the person buying it could decide what he should be saying. This nice young lady bought it and decided he should be saying "BALLS!"

This little guy below will have a similar option when he goes on sale tomorrow, but instead of a word it could be a phrase or a simple picture. Interactive Art! BANG-O!!

"T.V. Robot says...?" - 3"x 3" - $5 SOLD (he has red clampy hands now)

Robo-Dinosaur Ride Catastrophy - 3" x 3" - $5 SOLD!

"Trying not to go extinct" - 3" x 3" - $5 SOLD!

I also painted these two skulls. I think they probably need something extra, but I just did them as a quick exercise to see how fast I could paint a skull (I also forgot to bring a palette, and I needed an excuse to squeeze out some white paint):

"Quickskull no.1" - 5" x 7" - (traded for a t-shirt!)

"Quickskull no. 2" - 5" x 7" - SOLD (to the awesome rock n roll photographer I shared a table with!)

Hope to see some of you tomorrow! I'll be there, lookin' tall and paintin' pictures. Also, big-big thanks to my awesome wife Stephanie for hanging out with me and volunteering her time at the information booth! She's basically the best ever! Go look at her blog: http://notsolittlethings.blogspot.com/


San Francisco Zine Fest

Hey there everybody,
In case you want to get a closer look at some of the paintings I have available, I'll be at the San Francisco Zine Festival this weekend (August 22nd & 23rd). I'll have the really tall, easy to spot table. Admission is FREE, and it runs from 11am-6pm both days. Also, if you're on the fence about a painting because of the price, come talk to me and maybe we can work something out.
I'll also be selling my zines, TALLGUY #1 & #2, I HATE THIS JOB AND I WANT TO DIE, a limited edition DRAWING CHALLENGE No. 1 & 2 booklet, my short comic DANGER!!! LO-TECH!!! and some other assorted goodies.
Also, did I mention this event is FREE?!
Come say Hi! http://www.sfzinefest.com/

-AdamD xxx


Art Appriciation

Just wanted to take a second to post these pictures of Maggie Park checking out the paintings I did for her and her brother. They are some of the cutest kids ever:

Maggie explains how a robot works to Moses

Maggie shows off her own painting

Skylar Suorez convinces Maggie that licking the painting is a good idea!

Mr. Moustache shows Moses around at the punk rock parking lot show.