Day One: San Francisco Zine Fest

I had a great first day at the San Francisco Zine Festival! My display proved to be totally ridiculous and a festival landmark ("...we're across from the giant TALLGUY sign..."). I sold quite a few zines and some paintings. Sadly, Franklin (who someone today dubbed "the cry-ceritops") has still not found a home! Someone come buy this little guy! Argh!
I've spent my time behind my table today painting. I have some canvas boards (Thanks Nnekay!) and some teeny-tiny canvases that I've been working on. I churned out a few paintings today! Yay me! Here are the results:

"Jason Listens Closely to Commander 14" - 7" x 9" - NFS

"Robot says 'BALLS!'" - 3" x 3" - SOLD

I left the speech bubble above this robot blank so that the person buying it could decide what he should be saying. This nice young lady bought it and decided he should be saying "BALLS!"

This little guy below will have a similar option when he goes on sale tomorrow, but instead of a word it could be a phrase or a simple picture. Interactive Art! BANG-O!!

"T.V. Robot says...?" - 3"x 3" - $5 SOLD (he has red clampy hands now)

Robo-Dinosaur Ride Catastrophy - 3" x 3" - $5 SOLD!

"Trying not to go extinct" - 3" x 3" - $5 SOLD!

I also painted these two skulls. I think they probably need something extra, but I just did them as a quick exercise to see how fast I could paint a skull (I also forgot to bring a palette, and I needed an excuse to squeeze out some white paint):

"Quickskull no.1" - 5" x 7" - (traded for a t-shirt!)

"Quickskull no. 2" - 5" x 7" - SOLD (to the awesome rock n roll photographer I shared a table with!)

Hope to see some of you tomorrow! I'll be there, lookin' tall and paintin' pictures. Also, big-big thanks to my awesome wife Stephanie for hanging out with me and volunteering her time at the information booth! She's basically the best ever! Go look at her blog: http://notsolittlethings.blogspot.com/