Scanned this out of my sketchbook and colored it in photoshop last night while watching "The Runaways". It was alright, but I'd suggest watching "Edgeplay" if you want the real story of the Runaways (sans Joan Jett's part of the story).


Music Monday - Turdus Musicus / At The End Of The Day

(click to download for free)
Link 80 played with a very early version of Turdus Musicus back in the day, way up in Tromsø, which is above the arctic circle. When the show ended and we went outside to cool off, the sun was still up. It was mother's day, so we all went stumbling to find a payphone to call our mothers. It was 4am, and we all felt crazy because it looked like it was 4pm. We went back to a house to hang out with the Norwegians who put on the show, who continues to drink, party mega hard, all while I watched a VHS copy of "Day of the Dead" with the sound muted so that metal could be played instead.
I've stayed in touch with the singer Carl since then, and he asked me to contribute some art to their most recent album, which can be downloaded by clicking the cover above. All I had to go on was the title of the record, so I painted a giant mushroom cloud blowing up a city.
Turdus Musicus are constantly on tour. They just returned from Russia. They have toured in China, and in November they will be returning to the United States for the third time. For those of you who are local, these are the dates I'll be going along to see them at:

  • Nov. 5th - San Jose, CA / Texas Toast Haus (Bob & I are playing this show in our new project PRIMARY)
  • Nov. 6th - Berkeley, CA / 924 Gilman w/ Sabertooth Zombie
  • Nov. 7th - Stockton, CA / Plea For Peace Center w/ Happy Body Slow Brain
Also, check out this video. It's awesome:



Flyer - 10.27.2010

If you read Japanese, this flyer might be kind of funny. I don't read or write japanese, but I know how to use an online translator! Gnarboots will be playing TWO show in San Jose with Peelander-Z on the 27th, both shows will be totally different, and both shows will be amazing. If you aren't doing anything next Wednesday, you should come check it out!


Music Monday - Jonah Matranga / I Love How You Love Me & Andrew Juncker / Paper Coats

(photo by Lindsay Docherty)
Two years ago today, I got married.
I commissioned these songs to use as our wedding favor. It was burned on a CD-R with a picture of Stephanie and I on it, they came with a set of one-inch buttons and extensive liner notes. An original composition from my best man, Aj Juncker and a cover of a song I'd heard on a Neutral Milk Hotel live recording, performed here by Jonah Matranga (FAR, One Line Drawing, New End Original).  I stayed up late a few nights assembling the CD favors for the wedding, and I still have leftover ones sitting in a chest!

I hope you enjoy these songs, I've had a wonderful day with my wife, relaxing and wearing our special wedding converse.


Your Friday Awesome: Sun Dogs by Adam Pasion

(click to read Sun Dogs!)
I found this waiting for me in the mail this morning, started reading it on the bus and finished reading it at work today. Adam Pasion lives in Japan with his wife and two kids, and this is his illustrated journal of his life. After making zines out of the comics, in addition to posting them up on line, Adam decided to publish a bunch of them in a book. I love the honesty of it, and from an artistic standpoint I love looking at all of the mundane regular stuff Adam had to draw in each panel. Also, Adam played bass in a band with Bob Vielma(from Shinobu, and of course, Gnarboots) in Japan called The Bears, so coming across the pictures of Bob in here is very entertaining. Adam posted this off to me wrapped in what appears to be a print-out used to teach japanese children english, with a nice handwritten note & drawing on the inside page. To quote Bob: Niiiiiiice!

Some of the comics in here are reprints for zines Bob gave me a while ago, so as an attempt to get someone to check out Sun Dogs, I'll mail you one of these zines to you! Here's what you do if you want some fun mail, rather than just getting bills:
1) Go look at Sun Dogs!
2) Email me with the title of the comic from August 11th (H22 .08 .11) as the subject line with your mailing address
3) Kick back and wait for your zine to arrive!


Flyer - 10.23.2010

...get it?

Hopefully this doesn't make Fighting Jacks groan too much with they see it. Also, the Record Winter are tight. They kinda sound like Black Heart Procession. Their bassist James plays a lot of video games and used to be in a killer hardcore band called Maida with Evan from Worker Bee/Tera Melos. He also has a fake-ass beard.


Flyer - 10.16.2010

San Jose has been killing it lately. Between what Grand Fanali Presents has been doing for the past 14 years, Asian Man Records being the resident label, and the new group of d.i.y punk rock kids that have been making things happen, San Jose has become an awesome place to play or see a show. Gnarboots have played two shows in this backyard, and they were both excellent. Victor cooks up tons of amazing food while the bands rock out. He even runs a deep fryer!
When Jaake asked me if I'd make a flyer for this show I jumped at the opportunity. I'm going to adopt all of these kids.


Music Monday - Comadre / Mixtape #4

(click to download)

I really like these mixtapes. This one is good enough to have been an actual release. Comadre pairs themselves with Dead To Me, P.O.S., Ghostlimb, Glasses, Trainwreck and Atlas for some amazing collaborations. I especially like the P.O.S/Atlas and Ghostlimb tracks, they're a pretty major departure from Comadre's usual hardcore sound.