Music Monday - Turdus Musicus / At The End Of The Day

(click to download for free)
Link 80 played with a very early version of Turdus Musicus back in the day, way up in Tromsø, which is above the arctic circle. When the show ended and we went outside to cool off, the sun was still up. It was mother's day, so we all went stumbling to find a payphone to call our mothers. It was 4am, and we all felt crazy because it looked like it was 4pm. We went back to a house to hang out with the Norwegians who put on the show, who continues to drink, party mega hard, all while I watched a VHS copy of "Day of the Dead" with the sound muted so that metal could be played instead.
I've stayed in touch with the singer Carl since then, and he asked me to contribute some art to their most recent album, which can be downloaded by clicking the cover above. All I had to go on was the title of the record, so I painted a giant mushroom cloud blowing up a city.
Turdus Musicus are constantly on tour. They just returned from Russia. They have toured in China, and in November they will be returning to the United States for the third time. For those of you who are local, these are the dates I'll be going along to see them at:

  • Nov. 5th - San Jose, CA / Texas Toast Haus (Bob & I are playing this show in our new project PRIMARY)
  • Nov. 6th - Berkeley, CA / 924 Gilman w/ Sabertooth Zombie
  • Nov. 7th - Stockton, CA / Plea For Peace Center w/ Happy Body Slow Brain
Also, check out this video. It's awesome:


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