Music Monday - Jonah Matranga / I Love How You Love Me & Andrew Juncker / Paper Coats

(photo by Lindsay Docherty)
Two years ago today, I got married.
I commissioned these songs to use as our wedding favor. It was burned on a CD-R with a picture of Stephanie and I on it, they came with a set of one-inch buttons and extensive liner notes. An original composition from my best man, Aj Juncker and a cover of a song I'd heard on a Neutral Milk Hotel live recording, performed here by Jonah Matranga (FAR, One Line Drawing, New End Original).  I stayed up late a few nights assembling the CD favors for the wedding, and I still have leftover ones sitting in a chest!

I hope you enjoy these songs, I've had a wonderful day with my wife, relaxing and wearing our special wedding converse.

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