Your Friday Awesome: Sun Dogs by Adam Pasion

(click to read Sun Dogs!)
I found this waiting for me in the mail this morning, started reading it on the bus and finished reading it at work today. Adam Pasion lives in Japan with his wife and two kids, and this is his illustrated journal of his life. After making zines out of the comics, in addition to posting them up on line, Adam decided to publish a bunch of them in a book. I love the honesty of it, and from an artistic standpoint I love looking at all of the mundane regular stuff Adam had to draw in each panel. Also, Adam played bass in a band with Bob Vielma(from Shinobu, and of course, Gnarboots) in Japan called The Bears, so coming across the pictures of Bob in here is very entertaining. Adam posted this off to me wrapped in what appears to be a print-out used to teach japanese children english, with a nice handwritten note & drawing on the inside page. To quote Bob: Niiiiiiice!

Some of the comics in here are reprints for zines Bob gave me a while ago, so as an attempt to get someone to check out Sun Dogs, I'll mail you one of these zines to you! Here's what you do if you want some fun mail, rather than just getting bills:
1) Go look at Sun Dogs!
2) Email me with the title of the comic from August 11th (H22 .08 .11) as the subject line with your mailing address
3) Kick back and wait for your zine to arrive!

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