SF Zine Fest - Jam Comic!

This weekend was the San Francisco Zine Festival (and if you regularly look at this blog, I already beat you over the head with that information) and I had a blast selling paintings, meeting interesting folks and even got to play a set with GNARBOOTS! About halfway through Sunday I realized I hadn't seen anyone sending a jam comic around, something I got to participate in when I had a table two years ago which I really enjoyed (though I never saw the final result)! I threw together the first half of the first panel and passed it to my left to Pat Tong (of House of Tong)... where it went from there I have no idea. If you're one of the awesome artists who worked on this, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Ha! Mark Thompson (monstark.com) here, I created the 6th panel ("The Great Foot"). Tried my damnedest to derail the song but somehow you guys brought it back. What fun!

  2. Thanks for thinking of doing that AdamD -- it was a fun surprise. I participated with the left side of panel 3.

  3. ha! i did the bikini panel. what to do after the descension of The Great Foot? nobody knows. ALL HAIL THE GREAT FOOT!