You Should Buy This: Zine Bundle!

Couldn't make it to the SF Zine Fest this year? Went, but spent so much time looking around you didn't bring anything home? Just want to support me as an artist, and keep my apartment from getting cluttered up with stuff I made?! Pick yourself up a Zine Bundle! Only 15 available, only $10! This includes:
  • All Robots Want To Kill You: a 16-Page coloring book featuring my robots, telling you exactly why they cannot be trusted. Heavy card stock full-color cover, suitable to give to the little one in your life to color (no swear words). I'll even draw a robot in the back if you'd like!
  • COFFEEBOT: Originally released as "Danger!! Lo-Tech!!!", a 20-page zine comic a few years back, this is my first completed 24-page comic book, drawn at my various office jobs as an experiment to see if I could draw an entire comic at work with no script! Printed full size with a glossy full color cover!
  • TALLGUY issues 1-4: my ridiculous tall format zine, featuring a slew of ridiculous interviews you won't read anywhere but in these pages! Interviews with Tera Melos, Pg99, The Fad, Turdus Musicus, Rx Bandits, Daylight, Hard Girls, Former Ghosts, Gavin Castleton, The Caps, Bobby Joe & The Children Macnuggits and more!
  • BUTTONS! Everybody likes 1" buttons! I'll throw some TALLGUY buttons, some old buttons with my art on them, and whatever other buttons I have lying around! Button-Mania!!
  • STICKERS! Actually, just labels with my art printed on them, but still! You can stick them on stuff!
  • SOMEONE ELSE'S ZINES! I accumulated a ton of zines at the last two zine fests through trades and just random folks handing them to me. Who knows what you will get! Consider the possibilities!
  • ORIGINAL ART!! I have reams of paper filled with my drawings! I have stacks of post it notes with silly pictures on them! I will stick them in an envelope and mail them to you! Are they all masterpieces? Probably not! But are they one-of-a-kind works of art that you can feel like an adult by framing and hanging on your wall!? I'd like to think so!

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