Music Monday - Fall of Efrafa / Inle

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Hailing from Brighton, England, Fall of Efrafa was the project of two buddies of mine: Steven MacCusker (formerly of Howards Alias, who put out a split with my old band DESA) and Alex Bradshaw (who I went to see the remake of Dawn of the Dead with on tour, and became quick friends with as a result). The whole concept was to complete a trilogy of records whose songs mirrored the themes of the novel Watership Down, and stop being a band when this was completed. This was the final record. The music is similar to Neurosis, most of it really heavy and slow. If you like this I suggest picking up the other two records since they are all basically one long piece of music.

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  1. Adam-

    Is there any chance that Link 80 will be reuniting for the AMR 15-year celebration concert? If you need to use your guitar (the Struggle Continues one) I can bring it up for you. I've reserved my tickets with the hope of seeing you guys play live again.