Okay, I'm on Paternity leave for a few more days, so let's use some of this time to do this:


"I'm gonna poop on all these drawings! Sorry Dad, I go off." -Thomas

Here's the run-down in case you forgot: You come up with the ideas, I draw the first 10 that arrive in the comments below. Write one line that can be illustrated (example: stairmaster rules bummertown.)
Because I'm a dad now, RULES apply to this! You need to learn to follow rules, or you need to learn to follow the rules!!! Here's the rules:

  • Post one idea, as a comment, below. Not several ideas. Not either/or. Don't write it on Facebook, instant message it to me, or email it to me. Even if you post the best idea ever, but you do it wrong, your position is will not be drawn! Someone else will take your place. So, think carefully and chose your words wisely. 
  • Nothing too terribly gross, please. My son is in the room.
  • Please pick something I don't usually draw. This means no robots, dinosaurs, skulls, zombies.
As usual, I will draw and post all the entries. The one that I like the best I will turn into a painting, which will be given to the winning commenter FOR FREEE!

Ready... Set... GO! 
All ten comments are in, so thank you for posting! I've already finished the first two drawings and I will post them shortly...


  1. do i get to participate since i won the very first one? anyway...

    an octopus playing the guitar.

  2. When Captain America throws his mighty shield.

  3. "Excuse me Senor Chicken, is this how you dance the Cha-Cha-Cha?"

  4. The loneliest man on Earth recreating his rendition of "The Monster Mash" using only what's lying around in his apartment.

  5. I'd quite like to see the biggest cat EVER!!

  6. Bigfoot and catfish.. Best friends!!!
    -Dan P.

  7. Shortround hungrily scooping out a spoonful of brain from La-Z-Boy-reclined Dr. Zaius while watching Wheel-of-Fish yelling,"You're so stupid!"

  8. Ralph, Lizzie and George from Rampage are denied admittance to Fairyland.