Yesterday I had someone ask if they could "poach" one of the images from my 100 ROBOTS project for a community skate park event flyer. I thought that it was pretty awesome that they had thought to ask rather than just jacking the image, so I said they could do that if they were in a hurry, but if they could wait about an hour I could just draw something up for them to use. Drawing robots (as opposed to painting them) takes me no time at all, and I think skateboarding is a great activity (even though I'm absolutely terrible at it). Plus, I've seen "The Search for Animal Chin" over 100 times.
So here he is, in all his glory, the GROMINATOR!

KIDS: He's not wearing any pads or a helmet because he's a frickin' robot. The worse that will happen to him if he slams is that he'll have to go to the repair shop to get the dents hammered out. You'll end up in the hospital with a fractured skull! Also, he's a drawing. Wear your dang helmet and pads, junior! Now, give me back my cane! Where are my dentures?!

Here's a video of the Groms in Hood River going huge:

Here's the flyer for the event if you live in Hood River:

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