Image Comic Expo - Friday

My friend Gil clued me into that Image Comics was putting on a comic convention over in Oakland this weekend a few weeks back. He already had a table, but his partner wasn't coming out Friday. I took the opportunity today to try my hand at hanging out in Artist Alley.

I was woefully unprepared for the convention. First off, I've only ever drawn one comic, and it's completely out of date at this point. I sold all of my paintings at ROCKAGE, and I ran out of business cards at the Alameda Holiday Craft Fair. I keep meaning to order more business cards from MOO.com, but other things keep getting int he way. Plus, I want my next batch to be spectacular. They make a really great product, with a lot of different variations, so making sure I get the right thing is a little daunting.

For the convention, I decided to go lo-fi: I've had these small bristol boards lying around for a while, and I decided I would do quick illustrations on one side. The other side has my contact information. I figured while I might not hand out as many of these as I could with actual business cards, they might be a little more special to the people who take them.

 I forgot to take pictures of all of them, but I did remember to take a few:

Unfortunately, I won't have a spot to sell art tomorrow (unless someone doesn't show up, and someone pulls some strings...) but I'll definitely have a table there next year. If I do make it tomorrow, I'll be sure to draw lots and lots of zombies: Image Comics publishes the Walking Dead.

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