Sketchbook #1

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You might be asking yourself: Why is this giant dude with tattoos painting cute little dinosaurs and robots? Due to being distracted from art by loud punk rock music in my early 20's my artistic development became somewhat stunted. Anytime I pick up a pen/pencil/marker/brush and put it to paper/post-it note/backstage wall/canvas, one of four things will most likely come out:
  • Dinosaur
  • Robot
  • Skull
  • Zombie
I'm trying to be better about this. Carrying a moleskine and drawing things from the world around me seems to be helping, but for the time being, dinosaurs and robots are what I feel compelled to paint. Usually while sitting at my boring job I'll doodle on post-it notes, and a more recent occurrence is that I've stopped throwing them in the trash. I take them home in the back pocket of my moleskine and paste them into my sketchbook. When it comes time to paint something, I have a catalog of ideas to pull from. As you can see from the page above, Stanley & Franklin were both originally post-it doodles.
Here's a closer look:

Stanley is a little more squished down here, but he's still waiting for the bathroom apprehensively. Now here's Franklin, looking a lot sadder in this sketch (at least in my opinion) than in the painting:

I'll be posting up more paintings in the following weeks, along with sketches the paintings are based on. If you enjoy checking these out, please spread the word.


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