My old paintings are scary

My wife asserts that I stopped drawing scary stuff once we moved out of the AK Press warehouse in the less-than-stellar neighborhood of West Oakland. While this is true, I think I just get more enjoyment out of painting silly things that everyone can enjoy rather than creepy stuff that only goths and metalheads gravitate toward. Plus, I'm never going to be the next HR Giger, I just don't have the patience/desire/OCD to do it!
These are paintings that I did a long while ago that I gave to my friend AJ to put up in his house. I took the pictures with my iPhone camera. Let's give them a look:

"For Everyone A Last Re: Gard" - 9" x 12"
AJ came up with the words on the banners. I told him I needed to fill in the blanks, showed him the amount of space I had to work with, and about a minute later he had it for me. I based this on a sketch I did, but didn't do a very good job plotting it out. It's really lop-sided.

"Zombie Clown" - 11" x 14"
I'm not really sure how I wound up painting this, but of the three I like this one the best. It reminds me of a clown painting Grandma Davis had in her house in Fresno. As creepy as this painting is, that painting was way creepier. I really like the lines radiating out from the clown.
"Evil of two Lessers" - 24" x 36"

I think this was the first painting I did, and I painted it not in the warehouse but while I was living in midtown Sacramento. The weird lines of text are from a rubber stamp. I'm pretty embarrassed of this painting, but AJ actually asked me if he could have it.
So there they are! Aside from plans to do some zombie paintings soon, I don't think I'll be returning to painting Skinny Puppy-inspired paintings again anytime soon.

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